March 15 Ė LD 11, Day 4: Salvation all of Grace
by Rev Allen Brummel

Galatians 5:4 ďChrist is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.Ē

A constant temptation is to look to our own works for the worthiness of our salvation.  Even though we reject the theology of workís righteousness, we look at our lives and we think we deserve better than we have.  We think that we donít deserve the troubles that we are experiencing.  It should not be so difficult for us to pay our bills.  We should have more joy in our lives.  And, if asked why, we point to our own faithfulness.  Look at all we have done for our parents and for our church and look at how godly weíve lived.  Our sins donít disturb us much, and we donít focus on them.  Instead we are as focused as the Pharisees on all the ways in which we are better than others. 

That kind of attitude reveals that we donít see a deep need for Jesus.  By our walk we deny and show hatred for Jesus.  We are guilty of the sin of counting the blood of Jesus of no account- we act like a man who could be saved by his own works, therefore Jesus was crucified in vain.  Remember, Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. 

God works the difficult confession- I am a sinner who cannot live in obedience to the law.  The good that I would I do not. (Romans 7:19)  My only hope is the wonder of grace shown me in Jesus Christ.  He seeks me as one who is lost and He gives to me as one who has strayed and continues to stray each day, the assurance that salvation is not of works but by His wonderful grace alone. Donít return to the bondage of living for yourself- enjoy and live out of the liberty of seeking the glory of God.  Look to the wonder of Godís unmerited favor in giving to you Jesus- your complete and only Savior.