October 10 – LD 41, Day 3: Honourable Marriage
by Pastor Steven Key

Hebrews 13:4: "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.”

Scripture tells us that marriage is honourable in all, a good gift of God. Even in the realm of those who are unbelieving, we may find husbands and wives who are entirely committed to each other, who show that the marriage bond is an honourable institution and who are faithful one to another. In fact, there are those among the children of the world who, to the shame of some church members, show a higher regard for loving and caring for their wives, or for submitting to their husbands, than do some believers. But the question for Christians is different and deeper than the matter of appearance and outward behaviour — even though that is part of it. For us the question is this: is Christ is present in our marriages, and do our marriages conform to His Word as expressions of thankfulness to Him? That, really, is what lies at the root of the seventh commandment.

Only when husband and wife are faithful as members of Christ, only when Christ exercises dominion over this relationship, is that marriage found in His eyes a bond that reflects the beauty of His grace. And only when we as members of His Church uphold and defend that holy institution, is there obedience to the seventh commandment.

We sometimes think that we honour God when we refrain from certain wicked activities. But love is the fulfillment of the law. We are not finished with the seventh commandment when we guard ourselves against the physical pursuit of the neighbour’s wife, and preserve ourselves from adultery and fornication. We are obedient only when love so dwells in our hearts and lives that it crowds out all sinful thoughts, words and deeds. Love for God and for the neighbour comes to expression by holding marriage in holy esteem, and consecrating our marriages and our bodies to the Lord as His temple. So it comes to this: Is Christ present in my marriage? Is Christ present in my perspective of marriage? Is Christ present in my view of single life? Is Christ present in my perspective of my neighbour’s wife or daughter? Or, from the viewpoint of the woman, is Christ present in my perspective of my neighbour’s husband or son?