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*Special Note to Prospective Students*
Read Suggestions for Young Men Considering the Ministry

Barrett Gritters
-Professor of Practical Theology and New Testament Studies.
-A.B., Calvin College; Diploma (M.Div. equivalent), P. R. Seminary; ThM, Calvin Theological Seminary.
-Ordained:  1984.

     Pastorates:  Byron Center, Michigan, 1984-1994;
                          Hudsonville, Michigan, 1994-2003; 

-Appointed to the Seminary, 2003.

-Email: gritters@prca.org


Professor  Barrett Gritters


Professor Russell J. Dykstra

Russell J. Dykstra
-Professor of Church History and New Testament Studies.
-A.B., Grand Valley State University; Diploma (M.Div. equivalent), P. R. Seminary.

-Ordained:  1986.
Pastorates:  Doon, Iowa, 1986-1995;

                    Hope, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1995-1996;

-Appointed to the Seminary, 1996.

-Email: dykstra@prca.org
Ronald L. Cammenga

-Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament Studies
-A.B., Calvin College; Diploma (M.Div. Equivalent), P.R. Seminary; ThM, Calvin Theological Seminary, May 2013.

-Ordained: 1979
-Pastorates: Hull, Iowa, 1979-1984;
                       Loveland, Colorado, 1984-1993
                       Southwest, Grandville, MI, 1993-2004
                       Faith, Jenison, MI., 2004-2005

-Appointed to the Seminary, 2005

-Email: cammenga@prca.org

Professor Ronald L. Cammenga


Douglas J. Kuiper

-Professor of Church History and NT Testament Studies
-B.S. Calvin College; Diploma (M.Div. Equivalent), P.R. Seminary; working on ThM at Calvin Theological Seminary

-Ordained: 1995
-Pastorates: Byron Center PRC, 1995-2001
                       Randolph (WI) PRC, 2001-2012
                       Edgerton, MN, 2012-2017

-Appointed to the Seminary, 2017

-Email: doug.kuiper@prca.org

Professor Herman Hanko (Emeritus)

Professor David Engelsma (Emeritus)

Listen to his recent Reformation Lecture, "The Coming of Christ's Kingdom" (Nov.2, 2012)

Watch/Listen to these speeches on Herman Bavinck given at the March 6, 2012 Officebearers' Conference
at Hope PRC in Redlands, CA (prior to the meeting of Classis West)
#1 - "Bavinck: The Man and His Theology"
#2 - "Bavinck's Doctrine of the Covenant"

Professor Robert D. Decker  (Emeritus)


January 2013 Interim Course

 Prof.R.Dykstra taught an eight day interim course on "The History and Principles of Christian Education", with special focus on the Protestant Reformed Christian Schools. The class was recorded and after some editing should be made available to the general public in the near future. If you are interested in a syllabus from this special course (cost of $20), contact the Seminary at 616-531-1490 or doezema@prca.org.

Interim 2013 taught by Prof.R.Dykstra
Interim 2013: "History and Principles of Christian Education"


Elders Conference on Counseling

In the Fall of 2012 Prof. B.Gritters led a seminar on the principles and practice of Biblical counseling designed for elders and prospective elders. The conference was held at the Hudsonville PRC on Oct. 7, 14, 21, and Nov. 4, 2012. You may still profit from these sessions by visiting the links below.

  • Session 1 (Oct.7): (Audio). "The Need for and the Ability of Others to Help the Pastor in Counseling". YouTube videos: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. (Outline).

  • Session 2 (Oct.14):  (Audio). "The Elements of a Good Counseling Session". YouTube videos: Part 1 & Part 2. (Outline).

  • Session 3 (Oct.21): (Audio). "Change in Counseling: The Primary (and Hopeful) Doctrine of Conversion." YouTube videos: Part 1; Part 2. (Outline #3)

  • Session 4 (Nov.4): (Audio). "Marriage: Problems and Prevention" (Outline #4). Youtube videos: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3.

  • DVDs from Prof.B. Gritters' 2012 Fall Conference on Elders & Counseling, geared towards elders & prospective elders, are available upon request. These DVDs contain the audio from the conference as well as a .pdf of each outline. Please email Jordan@superiorgroundcover.com with your request.


January 2012 Interim Course

January 9-18, 2012 - Protestant Reformed Seminary Interim Course: "Contemporary Roman Catholic Theology."  Last year's interim, taught by Prof. Ron Cammenga, examined the central teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.  The course also assessed the current movement within Evangelical and Reformed churches that seeks closer relations with Rome.  The last class featured a presentation by our home missionary, Rev. W. Bruinsma, on witnessing to Roman Catholics.  The dates for the interim were Monday, January 9 - Wednesday, January 18. 



Did you miss this Interim course in person? You may still "participate" and benefit. The full schedule of classes is now available below in audio version (mp3 format available for download).

For an introductory sample click on the picture below.



Course Layout/Suggested Readings (in pdf)

Take 2 Quizzes on Roman Catholicism (Quiz 1 & Quiz 2)

Audio of Monday, Jan.9, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (Introduction) & Part 2 (Scripture & Tradition)

Audio of Tuesday, Jan.10, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (The Priesthood) & Part 2 (The Papacy)

Audio of Wednesday, Jan.11, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (The Church) & Part 2 (The Sacraments)

Audio of Thursday, Jan.12, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (The Mass) & Part 2 (Critique of the Mass)

Audio of Friday, Jan.13, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (Worship) & Part 2 (Purgatory)

Audio of Monday, Jan.16, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (Mariology) & Part 2 (Justification)

Audio of Tuesday, Jan.17, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (RC Ecumenicity) & Part 2 (RC Councils)

Audio of Wednesday, Jan.18, 2012 Lectures: Part 1 (Mission Work among RC's) & Part 2 (Conclusion)



Recent Speeches by Our Faculty

"Church Membership in a Postmodern Era"
Given by Prof.B. Gritters - September 27, 2012
at the Reformed Free Publishing Association meeting



"The Prince of Darkness Grim: The Reformed Teaching About Satan"

(Free download of speech and written responses to Q&A period)

Prof. Barrett Gritters - October 21, 2011 - Grandville, MI



King James 400th Anniversary Conference (free mp3 downloads of speeches)

Sept.16-17, 2011 (Byron Center, MI); Oct.7-8, 2011 (Hull, IA)

Prof.Russell Dykstra: "Restoring the Bible to the Believer: The Reformation's Concern Over Bible Translation" (YouTube)
Prof.Ronald Cammenga: "'Ere Many Years, the Boy that Driveth the Plow...': The History of the King James Version" (YouTube)
Prof.Barrett Gritters: "A Critical Analysis of the KJV and Some Modern English Versions" (YouTube)
You may also find these speeches in print in the PR Theological Journal (November 2011)