Psalter Number 120.   Hope and Trust - Psalm 43


1. Judge me, God of my salvation,
Plead my cause, for Thee I trust;
Hear my earnest supplication,
Save me from my foes unjust.

   O my soul, why art thou grieving?
   What disquiets and dismays?
   Hope in God; His help receiving,
   I shall yet my Saviour praise.

2. On Thy strength alone relying,
Why am I cast off by Thee,
In my helpless sorrow sighing,
While the foe oppresses me?

3.  Light and truth, my way attending,
Send thou forth to be my guide,
Till Thy holy mount ascending,
I within Thy house abide.

4. At Thy sacred altar bending,
God, my God, my boundless joy,
Harp and voice, in worship blending,
For Thy praise will I employ.