Psalter Number 123.   An Importunate Prayer - Psalm 44


1. If we have forgotten the Name of our God,
Or unto an idol our hand spread abroad,
Shall not the Almighty uncover this sin?
He knows all our hearts and the secrets within.

   Rise, help and redeem us, Thy mercy we trust.

2. We all the day long for Thy sake are consumed,
Defeated and helpless, to death we are doomed;
Then why dost Thou tarry? Jehovah, awake,
Nor spurn us forever; arise for our sake.

3. O why art Thou hiding the light of Thy face,
Forgetting our burden of grief and disgrace?
Our soul is bowed down, yea, we cleave to the dust;
Rise, help, and redeem us, Thy mercy we trust.