Psalter number 135.  The Vanity of Trust in Riches - Psalm 49


1. Hear this, all ye people, hear,

Earth's inhabitants, give ear;

All of high and low degree,

Rich and poor, give heed to me.


2. Truth with all my heart I seek,

And my mouth shall wisdom speak;

Hearken while in lyric strain

I make hidden wisdom plain.


3. Why should I to fear give way

When I see the evil day,

When with wickedness my foes

Shall surround me and oppose?


4. They that trust in treasured gold,

Though they boast of wealth untold,

None can bid his brother live,

None to God a ransom give.


5. If from death one would be free

And corruption never see,

Costly is life's ransom price,

Far beyond all sacrifice.