Psalter Number 182.   God the Conquering King - Psalm 86

1. O Zion, 'tis thy God's command

That thou in strength securely stand;

O God, confirm and strengthen still,

Thy purposes in us fulfill.


2. O Thou, Whose glorious temple stands

In Zion, famed through heathen lands,

Kings shall Thy power and glory see,

And bring their presents unto Thee.


3. ****


4. ****


5. Praise God and sing His matchless worth,

Ye kings and kingdoms of the earth;

He dwells within the heavenly height,

And utters forth His voice of might.


6. ****


7. Forth from Thy dwellingplace, O God,

Thy awful glory shines abroad;

Thy people's strength is all from Thee;

Blest be Thy Name eternally.