Psalter Number 188/89.   Prayer for Help - Psalm 70


1. (Psalter 188) Make haste, O my God, to deliver, I pray,

O Lord, to my rescue make haste;

Let those who would harm me be filled with dismay,

And in their own folly disgraced.


1. (Psalter 189) Make haste, O God, to save;

To help me, Lord, make haste;

Ashamed, confounded, they shall be

Who would my life lay waste.


 2. Let them be turned back in confusion, O Lord,

Who in my destruction would joy;

Let shame and defeat be their only reward

Who sneers and derision employ.


3. May all those who seek Thee, and make Thee their choice,

Great gladness and blessedness see;

May all those who love Thy salvation rejoice

And constantly magnify Thee.


4. I cry in deep need and Thy help I implore;

Make haste to the rescue, I pray;

My Saviour Thou art, and my strength evermore,

No longer Thy coming delay.