Psalter number 229.  Days in the Sanctuary - Psalm 84


1. How lovely, Lord of Hosts, to me

The tabernacles of Thy grace;

O how I long, yea, faint to see

Thy hallowed courts, Thy dwelling place;

For Thee my heart and spirit sigh,

For Thee, O living God, I cry.


2. The sparrow has her place of rest;

The swallow, through Thy kindly care,

Has found where she may build her nest

And brood her young in safety there;

Thy altars as my rest I sing,

O Lord of Hosts, my God, my King.



5. Upon us look, O God, our shield,

The face of Thy anointed see;

A thousand other days can yield

No gladness like one day with Thee;

Though only at Thy door I wait,

No tents of sin give joy so great.


6. Jehovah, God our Shield and Sun,

Will grace and glory surely give;

No good will He withhold from one

Who in His sight shall rightly live;

O Lord of Hosts, most blest is he

Who puts his steadfast trust in Thee.