Psalter number 230.  Assurance of Blessing - Psalm 85


1. Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our land,

Thou hast brought back our captive band,

Thy pardoning grace has made us free

And covered our iniquity.


2. O Thou, Who in a former day

Didst turn Thy dreadful wrath away,

In grace Thy people, Lord, return,

And let Thy wrath no longer burn.


3. O will Thy anger never cease,

Forever shall Thy wrath increase?

Revive and quicken us once more,

And Thy salvation's joy restore.


4. To us Thy mercy now afford

And show us Thy salvation, Lord;

Yea, Thou wilt answer us in peace,

If from our folly we will cease.


5. The Lord's salvation will appear

To men of faith and godly fear,

And glory in our land shall dwell

When we shall heed God's precepts well.