Psalter Number 233.  Confident Pleading -  Psalm 86

1. Bow down Thy ear, O Lord, and hear,
For I am poor and great my need;
Preserve my soul, for Thee I fear;
O God, Thy trusting servant heed.

2. O Lord, be merciful to me,
For all the day to Thee I cry;
Rejoice Thy servant, for to The
I lift my soul, O Lord Most High.

3. For Thou, O Lord, art good and kind,
And ready to forgive Thou art;
Abundant mercy they shall find
Who call on Thee with all their heart.


4. O Lord, incline Thy ear to me,
My voice of supplication heed;
In trouble I will cry to Thee,
For Thou wilt answer when I plead.

5. There is no God but Thee alone,
Nor works like Thine, O Lord Most High;
All nations shall surround Thy throne
And their Creator glorify.

6. In all Thy deeds how great Thou art!
Thou one true God, Thy way make clear;
Teach me with undivided heart
To trust Thy truth, Thy Name to fear