Psalter number 304.  The Marvelous Works of God - Psalm 111

1. O give the Lord whole-hearted praise,
To Him thanksgiving I will bring;
With all His people I will raise
My voice and of His glory sing.

2. His saints delight to search and trace  
His mighty works and wondrous ways;
Majestic glory, boundless grace,
And righteousness His work displays.

3. The wondrous works that God has wrought.
His people ever keep in mind, 
His works with grace and mercy fraught,
Revealing that the Lord is kind.

4. God's promise shall forever stand,
He cares for those who trust His word;
Upon His saints His mighty hand
The wealth of nations has conferred.


7. In reverence and in godly fear

Man finds the gate to wisdom's ways; 
The wise His holy Name revere;
Through endless ages sound His praise.