Psalter number 320.  Thankfulness and Triumphant Joy - Psalm 118


1. Ye gates of peace and joy untold,

Ye gates of righteousness, unfold,

That I may enter in and raise

A song of thankfulness and praise.


2. Within Thy gates, O God of grace,

Thy saints shall find a dwellingplace;

My thanks and praise to Thee I bear,

My Saviour, Who hast heard my prayer.


3. What wondrous things the Lord hath wrought!

The stone the builders set at naught,

Established by no human hand,

The chiefest cornerstone doth stand.


4. In this the day the Lord hath made

To Him be joyful honors paid;

Let us Thy full salvation see,

O Lord, send now prosperity.


5. Hosanna! Praise to Him proclaim

Who cometh in Jehovah's Name;

May blessing from God's dwellingplace

Descend on us in boundless grace.