Psalter Number 367.   God and His Church - Psalm 132


1. Gracious Lord, remember David,
How he made Thy house his care,
How he vowed to seek no pleasure
Till Thy house he should prepare.
Lord, remember his devotion;
Restless in his courts he trod
Till he found a habitation
Fit for Israel's might God.

2. ****

3.  ****

4. Thou, the Lord, hast chosen Zion,
Thou hast ever loved her well;
This My resting place forever,
Here, Thou sayst, I choose to dwell.
Surely I will bless and help her,
Feed her poor, her saints make glad,
And her priests shall stand before Me
In salvation's garments clad.

5. I will cause the might of David
Ever more and more to grow,
On the path of My Anointed
I will make a lamp to glow;
All His enemies shall perish,
I will cover them with shame,
But His crown shall ever flourish,
Blessed be His holy Name.