Psalter Number 405.   Praise-Voices - Psalm 148


1. Praise the Lord in heavenly places,
Ye His hosts and angels bright;
Sun and moon declare His glory,
Praise Him, all ye stars of light.

2. ****

 3. In the earth let all things praise Him,
Seas and all that they contain,
Stormy winds that do His pleasure,
Hail and lightening, snow and rain.

4. ****

5. Kings and princes, bow before Him,
Earthly judges, give Him praise,
All ye people, tell His glory,
Old and young, your voices raise.

6. Praise His Name with praise unending,
For His Name alone is great;
Over heaven and earth exalted,
Reigns the Lord in kingly state.

7. He has greatly blessed His people,
Therefore, all ye saints, give praise;
Chosen of the Lord and precious,
Thankful hallelujahs raise.