Psalter Number 418.   Praise the Lord, Ye Lands - Psalm 47


1. Praise the Lord, ye lands,

Nations, clap your hands;

Shout aloud to God,

Spread His fame abroad;

Praise Him loud and long

With a triumph song;

Bow as ye draw nigh,

For the Lord Most High,

Terrible is He

In His dignity;

And His kingdom's girth

Circles all the earth.


2. God has gone on high

With a joyful cry;

Hosts with trumpet sound

Make His praise abound;

Sing ye praise to God,

Tell His fame abroad,

Take a psalm and shout,

Let His praise ring out,

Lift your voice and sing

Glory to our King;

He is Lord of earth,

Magnify His worth.


3. Praise His majesty


God is King alone

On His holy throne,

Issues His commands

To all heathen lands.

Lo, the princes all

Gather at His call;

His the shields of earth,

His the power, the worth;

He, the God on high,

Is our Helper nigh.