Psalter number 60.  Prayer for Defense and Guidance - Psalm 25



1. To Thee I lift my soul,
In Thee my trust repose;
My God, O put me not to shame
Before triumphant foes.

2. None shall be put to shame
That humbly wait for Thee,
But those that willfully transgress,
On them the shame shall be.

3. Show me Thy paths, O Lord,
Teach me Thy perfect way,
O guide me in Thy truth divine,
And lead me day by day.

4. For Thou art God that dost
To me salvation send,
And patiently through all the day
Upon Thee I attend.

5. Recall Thy mercies, Lord,
Their tenderness untold,
And all Thy lovingkindnesses,
For they have been of old.