Psalter number 72.  Entreaty and Hopeful Trust - Psalm 27


1. Lord, hear me when I pray,
And answer me in grace;
Oft as I hear Thee say,
Come ye and seek My face,
My heart and lips their answer speak,
Thy face, Jehovah, will I seek.

2. Hide not Thy face from me,
In wrath turn not away,
My help and Saviour be,
Forsake me not, I pray;
Should father, mother, friends forsake,
The Lord on me will pity take. 

3. Teach me, O Lord, Thy way,
Make plain to me my path;
Because of foes, I pray,
Protect me from their wrath;
To false accusers, cruel foes,
O Lord, do not my soul expose. 

4. Fainthearted would I be,
Didst Thou not promise, Lord,
I shall Thy goodness see
While Thou dost life accord.
Wait on the Lord, nor faint, nor fear,
Yea, trust and wait, the Lord is near.