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Classis East

Classis East currently consists of 16 congregations and a total of 5,253 members (baptized and communicant). Classis East is a broader assembly of the PRC and meets three (3) times per year: the second Wednesdays of January, May, and September. The Classis is made up of two (2) delegates from each church, usually the pastor and an elder.

Classis East Report - May 11, 2022

Classis East May 11 2022
Delegates from Classis East at the new facility of Redeemer Christian School, Zeeland, MI

May 11, 2022, Classis East Report

First PRC of Holland, MI hosted Classis East in the Redeemer Christian School building in Zeeland, MI.

After Rev. Bill Langerak declared classis properly constituted, Rev. Dennis Lee assumed the chair and presided over the business of the meeting. Recognizing the importance of making decisions in harmony with Scripture as set forth in our Reformed confessions, classis requires every first-time delegate to sign the Formula of Subscription. Two delegates attended classis for the first time and therefore signed the Formula. Classis exercises mutual oversight by receiving answers from each member church to the questions found in Article 41 of our Church Order. Rev. Lee asked these questions and received satisfactory answers from the delegates representing the nineteen churches of Classis East. The stated clerk gave his report regarding his work over the last four months; classis approved his work. The reporter for the Classical Committee fell sick and was absent, which means the committee will have an extended report at the September meeting of Classis East.

Classis adopted a pulpit supply schedule for the two vacant congregations in the East, Grace PRC and Hudsonville PRC.  At its March, 2022, meeting, Classis West requested that Classis East assist in providing pulpit supply for one of its vacant churches. In light of a positive change in circumstances (Classis West has one less vacancy due to Rev. Marcus’s acceptance of the call to Peace PRC), the Classical Committee of Classis West sent a letter to Classis East withdrawing this request.

In previous sessions Classis East has appointed two special committees. One committee reported that it did not have a report on its mandate to propose changes to the rules of classis regarding the distribution of its agenda. The second committee brought a report regarding its study of how to handle sexual abuse cases to classis that was received for information. Classis thanked the committee for its work so far, encouraged the committee to continue its work, and looks forward to acting upon recommendations from the committee in the future.

Two consistories asked for the advice of classis before continuing in the work of Christian discipline applied to members of their congregations. Classis advised one consistory to proceed to the announcement of the name of an impenitent confessing member per Articles 76 and 77 of the Church Order. Classis advised the other consistory to proceed with the erasure of a baptized member who, though often admonished by the elders, continues to walk in sin.

Classis approved of the request of Rev. Carl Haak to retire from the active ministry after forty-three years of faithful service. Classis marked the occasion by giving opportunity for several delegates to speak appropriate words about Rev. Haak’s service to the churches, singing the doxology, and pausing from its business to allow the delegates to speak individually to Rev. Haak and his wife, Mary. By an official decision Classis East formally and sincerely “expressed its deep appreciation and thanks to God for the 43 years of Rev. Haak’s humble and godly leadership and active ministry in our churches.” Contingent upon the approval of Synod 2022, Rev. Haak’s retirement will become official on September 1, 2022.

The catering committee of First Holland PRC did an excellent job of taking care of the delegates during various breaks and lunch. The women well deserved the thanks expressed by the Chairman, Rev. Lee, on behalf of classis.

The expenses of the meeting totaled $1,161.56. For its next meeting Classis will convene on September 14 at Byron Center PRC. After the vote to adjourn the meeting, Rev. Lee closed with prayer. The delegates began leaving for home around 3:15 p.m.

We thank God for the unity of our churches expressed in the meeting and pray for God’s blessing upon the decisions.

Rev. C. Spronk
Stated Clerk, Classis East

Classis East Meeting - January 13-16, 2021

Grace PRC

Classis East convened in Grace PRC (Standale, MI) at 8:00 am on Wednesday, January 13, and adjourned around 12:30 am early Saturday morning, Jan.16.

Classis mandated that the stated clerk prepare (Rev. C.Spronk) a report summarizing the decisions of the meeting and submit it to the Classical Committee of Classis East for approval. The reason for this mandate is that Classis East understands the importance of providing a helpful summary for the churches. This summary will be published as soon as possible, but it may take a few days due to the length of the meeting, the weightiness and amount of material treated by classis, and the need of the pastors mandated to make and approve this summary to preach sermons tomorrow (Sunday, Jan.17).

We thank the Lord of the church for sustaining the delegates during these long and difficult sessions. May the Lord bless the decisions reached for the glory of His name and the good of the churches of Classis East and the entire PRC.

Classis East Report - Sept.9-10, 2020

Byron Center PRC, host of this week's meeting of Classis East 

Summary of Classis East

We give thanks to God that Classis East was able to convene on Wednesday, September 9, 2020. Sincere thanks is also directed to Byron Center Protestant Reformed Church for graciously and capably hosting the meeting of classis. In order to meet legally and safely classis declared that its meeting is “essential to execute the business of Classis East,” and it adopted restrictions about who was able to be present at classis. Unfortunately, it was not possible for visitors to observe the public deliberations of classis in person.

Rev. Eriks served as chairman of the meeting, appointing the committees of pre-advice, and presiding over the deliberations of the delegates.

Some of the routine business of classis included approving reports of the Stated Clerk, Classical Committee, and Church Visitors.

A classical appointment schedule was adopted for four vacant churches in Classis East: Cornerstone, Hudsonville, Kalamazoo, and Providence. This brings to mind the need to remember in our prayers to ask God to send forth more preachers into our churches. Let us also remember in our prayers the Wingham congregation, a fifth vacant church in Classis East, whose pastor will soon be moving to the First PRC of Edmonton. Border restrictions between the US and Canada will likely complicate providing pulpit supply for our sister congregation.

Rev. Cory Griess was appointed to serve as the Moderator for Wingham during itsvacancy.

Questions were asked of the delegates of each consistory to make sure that the consistories are properly governing the churches and to offer the assistance of classis to any consistory that might have a need (see Art. 41 of the Church Order).

Classis approved the expenses of the meeting totaling $1,941.

Other matters classis treated included:

• Classis received two overtures to Synod 2021 (from two churches) to plan a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the PRCA in 2025. Classis approved the overtures and forwarded themon to Synod 2021.

• One protest against a ground of a decision was sustained. Classis agreed with the protestant that the two points of explanation supporting the particular ground were in error.

• One protest was declared legal but not sustained by classis.

• Three protests were declared illegal because they were against decisions that have been treated by synod.

• One letter asked classis to reconsider an appeal that had declared illegal at an earlier classis.Classis ruled that the letter was not legally before it because it was not a protest against adecision, nor an appeal, nor an overture.

Classis accepted an invitation from the delegates of Grace PRC to host the next meetingof Classis at 8:00am on January 13, 2021.

Rev. Eriks thanked the delegates for their work and for their cooperation in doing the work of classis and closed the meeting in prayer.

Classis adjourned around noon on Thursday, September 10.

In Christ’s Service,
Rev. C. Spronk 
Stated Clerk, Classis East

Classis East News - Wednesday, Sept.11, 2019 *(Updated)

JMaatman exam sermon Sept 2019
Pastor-elect Jacob Maatman delivering his sermon before delegates of and visitors to classis at Southwest PRC (Wyoming, MI).

JMaatman exam Sept 2019
Pastor-elect J. Maatman being examined by Rev. C. Spronk in Soteriology.

Here is one unofficial summary of today's activities and decisions at the meeting of Classis East at Southwest PRC.

Classis met today at Southwest PRC and examined Pastor-elect Jacob Maatman as requested by Southeast PRC. His specimen sermon and examination went very well and Classis approved his examination. In the afternoon, Classis handled the request to form Unity PRC, daughter church of Byron Center PRC. This request was approved. The Emeritation of Rev. Michael DeVries was also approved. He was ordained in October of 1978 in the same room Classis was meeting in today. He served in our Southwest, First Edgerton [MN], First Edmonton [AB], Wingham [ON] and Kalamazoo churches. Classis recessed for the day to give time for the committees to work. Classis will reconvene on Thursday (9/12) at 8 AM. 

JMaatman exam decision Sept 2019

Pastor-elect J. Maatman and his wife Rachel receiving the news of classis' approval of his examination and instructions to Southeast PRC (Grand Rapids, MI) to proceed with his ordination and installation (from president of classis, Rev.H. Bleyenberg). That will take place, D.V., on Friday evening, Sept.27 in Southwest PRC.

We rejoice with Pastor-elect J. Maatman and his family and with Southeast PRC in this decisive step toward the ministry of the Word in our churches, and we thank God for His bountiful grace to the churches.

The following is the official public report of the stated clerk of Classis East:

Classis East of the Protestant Reformed Churches met on September 11 and 12 this year at Southwest PRC. This meeting was chaired by Rev. H. Bleyenberg.

Wednesday morning was filled with the examination of Candidate Jacob Maatman, Pastor-elect of Southeast PRC, Grand Rapids. He preached his specimen sermon on Mark 8: 34-35. The sermon critic committee stated it well, “Jacob demonstrated a good ability to expound and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to do so in such a way that a Protestant Reformed congregation would be edified. Jacob’s sermon was faithful and Reformed in the exposition of the text, well-grounded in the biblical and historical context, and included appropriate applications for all of us as God’s disciples.” This was unanimously adopted by the classis and received the concurrence of the synodical deputies.

Candidate Maatman then proceeded to his examination. Throughout he displayed knowledge of God’s Word, a love for the truth, and a willingness to live a life dedicated to service to God’s church. Classis unanimously approved his examination to which the attending synodical deputies concurred. Southeast PRC was advised to proceed to his ordination to the ministry of the Word and sacraments. That ordination took place on September 27, with Rev. Maatman’s grandfather, Professor David Engelsma, officiating.

Byron Center PRC came to Classis requesting approval for the organization of a daughter congregation, Unity Protestant Reformed Church in the Byron Center/Jamestown area. There are 139 confessing members and 90 non-confessing members that intend to become charter members. This was passed unanimously with the concurrence of the synodical deputies. Rev. A. Lanning was appointed as their Moderator. Pulpit supply for the evenings was granted by classis.

Kalamazoo PRC forwarded with their approval the request of Rev. M. DeVries for emeritation, effective January 1, 2020. Classis East approved this request with the concurrence of the synodical deputies. Rev. H. Bleyenberg expressed thanksgiving to our God for the faithful labors of Rev. DeVries. Rev. DeVries labored in the congregations of Southwest, First Edgerton, First Edmonton, Wingham, and Kalamazoo over the course of 41 years. Kalamazoo PRC was also granted pulpit supply for the evening services in January 2020. Rev. D. Noorman was appointed Kalamazoo’s moderator.

In closed session, a consistory sought the advice of Classis to proceed to the second announcement of discipline according to Art. 77 of the Church Order. After hearing evidence of the impenitence of the individual and of the labors of the consistory, classis advised the consistory to proceed.

Thursday was dedicated to the treatment of several protests, appeals and an overture. One appeal was declared legally before classis; however, classis did not agree with the appellant that his consistory was required to respond to or prove wrong every ground or contention if they had already rescinded the decision being appealed. A protest was declared illegally before classis because the requirements of Art. 30 and 31 of the Church Order were not met. Another protest was declared illegal due to the fact classis at a previous meeting did not sustain the same charge, nor the brother’s subsequent protest of that decision. An appeal was sustained with regard to the consistory’s manner of dealing with a complaint and the consistory was advised to deal with the protest in without causing undue delay. Another appeal was judged not legal because Article 30 of the Church Order had not been met. A protest regarding a decision of the May meeting of Classis was not sustained. And classis declared an overture illegal because it did not satisfy Article 46 of the Church Order and it did not meet the definition of an overture in the “Explanation of the rules for Protests, Appeals, and Overtures.”

Classis approved the payment of this meeting’s expenses amounting to $2,859.39.

Zion PRC will host the January 8, 2020 meeting of Classis East.

Gary Boverhof, Stated Clerk

Pastor-elect D. Noorman Sustains Classical Exam; Ordination Set for March 7, 2018

DNoorman Feb2018 classis 1
Pastor-elect David Noorman prior to preaching his specimen sermon before Classis East.

At the meeting of Classis East on Wednesday, Feb.28, 2018, at Hudsonville PRC Pastor-elect David Noorman (who has accepted call to Southwest PRC in Wyoming, MI) successfully sustained his examination before the Classis.

The body unanimously approved the examination and advised Southwest PRC to proceed with his ordination and installation as a minister of the Word and sacraments in the PRC. That will take place, D.V. next Wednesday, March 7, at 7 p.m. in SW PRC.

We thank God for this further confirmation of Pastor-elect Noorman's call to the ministry and pray for the brother as he prepares to begin his ministry in SW PRC.
And we extend hearty congratulations to David and his wife Carisa!
D CNoorman Feb2018 classis 2
Pastor-elect D. Noorman and his wife Carisa.
Isaiah 52:7 - "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!"

Report of Classis East Meeting, January 10, 2018

HudsonvillePRC picThe stated clerk of Classis East submits the following official report on the recent meeting of Classis East:

Classis East Report – January 10, 2018

Classis East met on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at Hudsonville PRC. By rotation Rev. J. Smidstra would have been the chairman of this meeting. Due to some weighty matters and the fact that this would be his first Classis meeting as a delegate, he requested of the Classical committee that he step aside as chairman of this meeting. The Classical committee brought this request as well as a recommendation that Rev. R. Van Overloop chair this meeting. Both recommendations were approved by Classis.

Routine matters such as reports from the stated clerk, classical committee, and church visitors were reported. The church visitors reported on their visits with the congregations of Classis East. They used the theme of “Ministering Righteousness in the Congregation” based on Nehemiah 5. They report that “We are thankful that the congregations within our Classis are doing well. The councils reported that there is peace, love, and unity present within their congregations.”

Classis considered three appeals and one overture. Two of the appeals dealt with discipline in two different congregations. In both cases these were decided to be not legally before Classis based on the fact that Articles 30 and 31 were not satisfied, that is, the matters were not finished in the minor assemblies. The remaining appeal was declared legally before Classis and assigned a committee of three ministers and three elders. That committee will bring their recommendation to a special meeting of Classis East on February 28, 2018. The overture was brought by an individual recommending that, prior to the meeting of classis, materials only be distributed to active council members and clergy of the PRC. After much deliberation this overture was adopted.

Classis at its January meeting elects delegates for Synod. Elected were the following: MINISTERS: Primi: Revs. G. Eriks, C. Haak, W. Langerak, C. Spronk, and R. Van Overloop, Secundi: H. Bleyenberg, W. Bruinsma, N. Decker, K. Koole, A. Lanning.  ELDERS: Primi: Pete Adams, Gary Kaptein, Jim Lanting, Howard Pastoor, Pete Vander Schaaf. Secundi: Bruce Jabaay, Larry Koole, Harlow Kuiper, Joel Minderhoud, and Dave Rau

In other voting for delegates ad examina, Rev. M. DeVries was elected as primus and Rev. N. Decker as secundus delegate. Both were for three-year terms. Rev. C. Spronk was elected for two-year term as secundus to replace Rev. R. Smit. Rev. J. Slopsema and Rev. K. Koole were elected as church visitors for 2018. Rev. A. Lanning and Rev. R. Van Overloop will serve as alternates. Rev. W. Langerak was elected to another three-year term to the classical committee.

Classis approved a 2018 subsidy request from Providence PRC ($30,000). 2019 Subsidy requests were approved for Pittsburgh PRC ($109,000), Providence PRC ($30,000), Wingham PRC ($36,000 – CAD). Expenses for Classis amounted to $1,160.24. Classis will reconvene at Hudsonville PRC on February 28. The May Classis meeting will be held on May 9, 2018 at Faith PRC.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Boverhof, Stated Clerk

Special Classis East Meeting - October 18, 2017 *(Updated)


A special meeting of Classi East was held on Wednesday, Oct.18, 2017, at Georgetown PRC.

Below is the brief summary report from the Stated Clerk, Gary Boverhof.

JoeH JustinS ClassisEast Oct 2017

Report of special meeting of Classis East for the purpose of examining Pastors-elect Joe Holstege (left in picture above) and Justin Smidstra (right in picture above).

They each preached a specimen sermon and then were examined extensively on the six loci of Reformed dogmatics, and their knowledge of the Scriptures, confessions, controversy, and practica.

Both men gave excellent demonstrations of their knowledge and training in all these areas over roughly 5 hours of oral questioning. Classis voted unanimously to approve of their examinations (and the Synodical Deputies from Classis West concurred), recommending that Zion PRC and First PRC of Holland proceed to the ordination and installation.

With much thanksgiving to God, we rejoice in His provision of these ministers of the gospel to the PRCA.

Also a classical appointment schedule was made for First PRC while they are without a pastor.

Pastor-elect Joe Holstege will be ordained and installed as Zion PRC's pastor on Friday Oct.20 at Faith PRC (7 p.m.), D.V. *UPDATE: Below is a picture from Rev. J. Holstege's ordination/installation service Friday evening in Faith PRC. It captures the important ceremony of the laying on of hands by the professors and ministers who were present.

JHolstege ordination Oct 2017

Pastor-elect Justin Smidstra will be ordained and installed as First PRC-Holland's pastor on Tuesday, Oct.24 at First PRC of Holland (7 p.m.), D.V.

You are cordially invited to witness these events if you are in the area, or via live-stream through these churches' website.




Report of Meeting of Classis East, September 13, 2017

Grandville smallSeptember 13, 2017 – Grandville PRC

Classis East met in regular session on the morning of Wednesday, September 13, 2017. The churches were each represented by two delegates. Rev. J. Mahtani was the chairman for this session.

Rev. W. Langerak was appointed as the moderator of Byron PRC in their vacancy. Holland PRC, Southwest PRC, and Zion PRC were granted Classical pulpit supply for evening services during their vacancies.

Most of the morning was spent on an appeal by a brother against his consistory. This was appointed to pre-advice committee for recommendations. After thorough deliberations Classis declared that this appeal was illegally before Classis on the basis that his work was not finished with his consistory.

The Classical Committee of Classis East has scheduled a special meeting of Classis East in order to examine Pastors-elect Smidstra (Holland PRC) and Holstege (Zion) at Georgetown PRC on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Rev. Overway will preside by rotation.

Classis approved the expenses for its meeting of $788.65. The next regular meeting of Classis East will be at Hudsonville PRC on January 10, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. Lord Willing.

Respectfully Submitted

Gary Boverhof, Stated Clerk

Report of Classis East - May 10, 2017


Below is the public report on the meeting of Classis East at Byron Center PRC this week Wednesday, provided by Mr. Gary Boverhof, the Stated Clerk.

May 10, 2017

Byron Center PRC

Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. The churches were each represented by two delegates. Rev. Wm. Langerak was the chairman for this session.

Rev. K. Koole was appointed as the new moderator of Southwest PRC. He replaces Rev. A. denHartog who has been on the west coast assisting our Lynden Church during the illness of Rev. Ron Hanko. Holland PRC, Southwest PRC, and Zion PRC were granted Classical pulpit supply for evening services from June through September, should they be needed.

Classis was informed that a brother intends to appeal to Synod a decision that Classis made during the January 2017 meeting. This decision was regarding admitting non-Protestant Reformed believers to the communion table.

                The new Stated Clerk of Classis East was instructed to send a letter of thanks to Jon Huisken for his 40 plus years of faithful service to Classis East. Further, to place a notice of thanks in the bulletins of Classis East as well as the Standard Bearer.

                Most the day was spent on a protest by a sister protesting the content of various sermons of her pastor. This was appointed to pre-advice committee for recommendations. After thorough deliberations, Classis declared that this protest was illegally before Classis on the basis that her work was not finished with her consistory. Classis appointed the church visitors of Classis East to assist the Consistory and appellant with advice and guidance in their work.

A committee was appointed to digitize the minutes and supplements of Classis East. Due to the scope of this work, the committee is to report to Classis annually with their progress.

Classis approved the expenses for its meeting of $1,268.80. The next meeting of Classis East will be at Grandville PRC on September 13, 2017 at 8:00 AM, Lord willing.

Respectfully Submitted,

Gary Boverhof, Stated Clerk


*UPDATE: On May 16, 2017 the Stated Clerk sent out this special note of thanks concerning the labors of Mr. Jon Huisken, previous Stated Clerk of Classis East:

At the May 10, 2017 meeting of Classis East it was decided to charge the Stated Clerk to send a letter of thanks to Mr. Jon Huisken and a bulletin announcement for his 40 plus years of faithful service as Stated Clerk of Classis East. This is a daunting task to express our thanks for such a monumental gift he has given the churches of Classis East.

Saying thank you for giving of yourself as a selfless laborer to the churches for so many years seams insufficient. Please know that your work has been deeply appreciated as the labor of love that it was for you.

Psalm 90: 17 “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.”


In His service,

Gary Boverhof, Stated Clerk Classis East


Classis East Meeting - Wednesday, January 11, 2017 (Updated with Official Report)

GTPRC2012Classis East met for its first regular session of 2017 (meeting also in May and September) on Wednesday, January 11.

Below is the Stated Clerk's official report of this meeting (the last one Mr. Jon Huisken will submit - cf. below in his report).


Report of Classis East

January 11, 2017

Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church


Classis East met in regular session on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, at the Georgetown PRC. Each church was represented by two delegates. Present also were the synodical deputies from Classis West: Revs. S. Key, D. Kuiper, and N. Langerak. Rev. K. Koole was the chairman for this session.


The classis dealt first with the request from Faith PRC to organize a new congregation in the Jenison area which congregation will be known as Zion PRC.

With thanks to God, the classis approved this request and instructed Faith PRC to proceed with the organization of this congregation. The synodical deputies expressed concurrence with the decision of classis.


Classis considered an appeal from a brother who protested a decision of his consistory to admit non-Protestant Reformed believers to its communion table. At issue was whether the consistory followed the principles adopted by Classis East in 1945 to admit such people to the communion table. Classis East in 1945 decided that indeed non-Protestant Reformed believers could be admitted after the consistory was satisfied that those who requested admission reveal themselves as believers in their walk and conversation and are in good standing in their home churches. Further, it should be demonstrated that those asking permission do not have ready access to the table in their home churches. The brother contended that his consistory did not follow the principles adopted by Classis East in 1945; his consistory believed that they indeed had done so. Classis East decided not to sustain the appeal of this brother.


The report of the church visitors was received. The report indicated that the visitors found peace and unity in our churches.


Classis spent time, as is usual at the January meeting, in voting. The following delegates to Synod 2017 were elected: MINISTERS: Primi: W. Bruinsma, G. Eriks, C. Haak, C. Spronk, R. VanOverloop; Secundi: N. Decker, K. Koole, W. Langerak, R. Smit, A. Spriensma. ELDERS: Primi: Pete Adams, Gary Boverhof, Jim Lanting, Sid Miedema, John VanBaren; Secundi: Mike Bosveld, Dave Bouwkamp, Bruce Jabaay, Wes Koops, Joel Minderhoud.


In other voting, Revs. R. VanOverloop and R. Smit were elected to three-year terms as primus and secundus delegates ad examina respectively. Rev. H. Bleyenberg was appointed to another three-year term on the Classical Committee; Revs. J. Slopsema and C. Haak were elected as church visitors with Revs. G. Eriks and R. VanOverloop as alternates.


Classis also needed to replace its Stated Clerk and Assistant Stated Clerk. After 40-plus years serving as Stated Clerk, Jon Huisken notified classis in September, 2016 that he would not be seeking another term. Gary Boverhof was elected to serve as his successor. Rev. H. Bleyenberg was appointed as Assistant Stated Clerk.

Classis expressed its thanks to J. Huisken for his service to classis over these years and wished him Godspeed in the years ahead.


In other business, classis approved the 2018 subsidy requests for Wingham PRC ($41,000 – CDN) and Pittsburgh PRC ($99,000). Classical appointments were given to Holland PRC, Southwest PRC, and to the new congregation, Zion PRC.


In closed session, classis considered the request of a consistory for the erasure of a baptized member.


The expenses of classis amounted to $1698.65. Classis will meet next on May 10, 2017 at the Byron Center PRC.


Respectfully submitted,

Jon J. Huisken, Stated Clerk

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