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Classis West currently consists of 15 congregations and a total of 2,912 members (baptized and communicant). Classis West is a broader assembly of the PRC and meets two (2) times per year: the second Wednesdays of March and September. The Classis is made up of two (2) delegates from each church, usually the pastor and an elder.

Classis West Officebearers' Conference - Sept.23, 2014

The special committee of Classis West announces that a special Officebearers' Conference on preaching will be held September 23, 2014 in Peace PRC, Lansing, IL, the day before the next meeting of Classis West.

The public is invited, but especially area officebearers - elders, deacons, and pastors are encouraged to attend. Lunch will be provided. Please contact the church or Rev.C.Spronk for more information.

The special flyer prepared for this event is posted below, as well as a pdf version of it for your own publication and posting.

OBConf-Preaching-CLWest-Sept2014 Page 1

Report on March 5 Meeting of Classis West

HeritagePRCClassis West met this week Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in Heritage PRC, Sioux Falls, SD.

Rev. Allen Brummel, (Heritage PRC) as the previous president, provided opening devotions. By rotation, Rev.Cory Griess (Calvary PRC, Hull, IA) presided as chairman.

The stated clerk of Classis West, Rev.Doug Kuiper has completed his public report for this meeting. It is attached here in pdf form. A few highlights are as follows:

Voting for various officers and functionaries is always part of the agenda of the spring meeting. Classis appointed Rev. C. Griess to a three year term on the classical committee, reappointed Rev. D.Kuiper and Rev. J. Marcus to three year terms as classical stated clerk and assistant stated clerk, and appointed Revs. A. Brummel, S. Key, R. Kleyn, and D. Kuiper to be church visitors for the next year. Assisting these church visitors, if needed, will be Revs. J. Laning and J. Marcus.

Rev. S. Key was appointed to a three year term as primus synodical deputy, and Rev. N. Langerak to a three year terms as secundus synodical deputy. The work of the synodical deputies is to attend meetings of Classis East, when Classis East treats matters requiring synodical approval.

Delegated to synod were the following ministers: Revs. A. Brummel, S. Key, D. Kuiper, J. Laning, and C. Spronk. Alternate minister delegates are Revs. C. Griess, R. Kleyn, N. Langerak, D. Lee, and J.
Marcus. Elder delegates are Alvin Bylsma (Calvary), Jack Lenting (Crete), Jim Regnerus (Doon), and Don Terpstra (Peace), and Leon Uittenbogaard (Calvary). Their alternates are elders Jim Andringa (Hull), Lou Regnerus (Randolph), Dewey VanDerNoord (Crete), Steve VanDrunen (Crete), and Bob Vermeer (Peace).

May the Lord of the church richly bless all the proceedings for the good of the churches.

Report of Classis West - Pastor-elect E.Guichelaar Sustains Exam!

ErikG-ClassisWestExam-Oct2013Below is the official public report - along with a few pictures - courtesy of Rev.Doug Kuiper, Stated Clerk of Classis West, - of the meeting of Classis West which met and concluded yesterday, Wednesday, October 9 in Loveland, CO.








Report of Classis West
October 9, 2013
    Classis West held its fall meeting in Loveland, CO on October 9.  The meeting date had been postponed from the usual September date, so that Classis could examine Candidate Erik Guichelaar, who had accepted the call to be the pastor of the Randolph, WI PRC.
    Rev. Allen Brummel chaired the session.  In addition to the thirty delegates from the churches in Classis West, Classis was attended by the synodical deputies from Classis East (Revs. Haak, Koole, and VanOverloop), and by Seminarian Joshua Engelsma, who is doing his internship in Peace PRC.  Many members from Loveland PRC, as well as students from Loveland’s grade school and high school, were found sitting in the pews during the examination.  No doubt their interest in this particular exam was heightened by the fact that Mr. Guichelaar had served his internship in Loveland, CO last year, and several of the students had Mr. Guichelaar as their catechism teacher.
    As part of his examination, Mr. Guichelaar led a worship service on Tuesday evening, preaching from John 12:26 under the theme “For Him Who Would Serve Christ.”  Classis judged Mr. Guichelaar’s exposition to be sound, Christ centered, and edifying.  The text gave Mr. Guichelaar opportunity to witness of his own commitment to serve Christ, and reminded all the delegates that the way to serve Christ is the way of following Him.
    Mr. Guichelaar’s oral examination took all of Wednesday morning.  Various ministers examined him in the six areas of Reformed doctrine, the knowledge of Scripture, the knowledge of confessions, controversy, and practica.  After lunch, Classis unanimously approved his exam, and advised Randolph PRC to proceed with his ordination into the ministry of the Word and sacraments.  The synodical deputies from Classis East concurred with this decision.  Mr. Guichelaar will be ordained and installed in Randolph PRC this coming Sunday, October 13, D.V.
    God be thanked, again, for the gift of ministers - and of this minister in particular!  And, God be thanked, again, for the gift we have in a denominational seminary, and for professors who are diligent in preparing men for the ministry of the gospel!
    In other business, Classis received reports from its stated clerk, classical committee, and reading sermon committee.  It also approved a classical examination schedule for Doon PRC, the only vacant church in the Classis.
    Crete PRC had requested Classis to designate the fourth Wednesday of September as the date for the regular fall meeting, in part to avoid travel the week of Labor Day.  Classis did agree to try to avoid meeting the week of Labor Day in the future, but still denied Crete’s request, giving Classis more freedom to schedule future meetings on a date which works best for that particular year.
    The expenses of Classis totaled $10,090.84.
    The next meeting of Classis is scheduled for March 5, 2014 - the first to be hosted by Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD, God willing.
Rev.A.Brummel, Chair of Classis, addresses Pastor-elect E.Guichelaar and family following the decision to approve his examination.

Classis West Meeting in Loveland, CO

LovelandPRC2012CLASSIS WEST is scheduled to meet this Wednesday, October 9 hosted by Loveland (CO) PR Church. The main item on the agenda is the classical examination of Randolph PRC's pastor-elect, Erik Guichelaar. For this purpose a special worship service is planned for Tuesday evening, the 8th, at 7 PM (MT). Synod is to be represented at this meeting by three ministers (delegates ad examina) from the East: Revs. C. Haak, K. Koole and R.VanOverloop

Let us remember in prayer the delegates as they travel and carry out the work of the churches in the West and for pastor-elect E.Guichelaar as he is examined. May the Lord be pleased to bless all the labors conducted and the decisions reached.

Change of Date for Fall Meeting of Classis West

The Classical Committee of Classis, with the previous approval of Classis West, has rescheduled the regular meeting of Classis West from September 4 to October 9 in order to avoid having two Classis meetings this Fall. This will allow time for CandidateErik  Guichelaar to consider and answer his calls and then prepare to be examined by Classis West, Lord willing.

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