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The PRC Synod is the broadest church assembly or gathering, made up of 20 delegates, 5 ministers and 5 elders from each Classis (of which there are two in the PRC). It meets annually during the second week of June to treat the ecclesiastical matters of the denomination (Missions, Seminary, etc.) and whatever matters have been brought from the narrower assemblies, viz., the Consistories and the Classes. The decisions of this body are published in the annual "Acts of Synod".

Additional Resources on PRC Synod 2014

Acts of Synod 2014-coverThough the PRC Synod of 2014 completed its work over a month ago (June 10-13), two new resources are available on its work and decisions.

First, the 2014 Acts of Synod & Yearbook has been published and distributed to the churches for our members. This publication is the official, public record of the decisions of this year's Synod, as well as the annual, updated directory of churches, ministers, committees, and officers of the PRC.

If you have not yet received it, you should be shortly. If you did not receive a copy and are interested in receiving one, contact our Stated Clerk, Don Doezema, at the PRC Seminary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 


Second, the July 2014 issue of The Standard Bearer is the annual "Synod" issue, with a report on Synod's actions by Prof.B.Gritters in the editorial ("Synod 2014: The PRC Working Together") and many pictures featured in the center as well as on the cover of this Reformed magazine (see image below).

If you would like to receive a copy of this issue, or subscribe to this periodical, contact the "SB" through its website.

SB cover-July 2014-Synod

Synod 2014 - Report on Day 4 (Closing Sessions)

Once more 2nd clerk of Synod, Rev.Clay Spronk, provides a summary report of the decisions of the Friday June 13 session of Synod (also attached in pdf form). And Don Doezema provides us with some candid photos of all the delegates as they fellowshiped together and interacted concerning the work of the Lord's church. The public Acts of Synod 2014 will be published and distributed in due time.

Day 4 Report of Synod 2014 Page 1

Day 4 Report of Synod 2014 Page 2

The 2014 Synodical delegates in fellowship (can you identify them all?):



Synod 2014 - Report on Day 3

Synod Singing-2014

Synod rising to sing as part of its devotions to start the day.

The following is the summary report of the second clerk of Synod this year, Rev. Clay Spronk. We thank him for his faithful end-of-the-day contribution. This report is also attached here in pdf form

The pictures added here were taken by Mr.Don Doezema, Stated Clerk of Synod. We also thank him for this faithful labor.

Day 3 Report of Synod 2014 Page 1

Synodical Examiners:



RevCHaak - Examiner in Practica

Two special missionaries: D.Kleyn (the Philippines) and M.McGeown (Limerick, Ireland):

Missionaries Kleyn  McGeown

Sem. Joshua Engelsma Sustains Synodical Exam

JoshCourtney-Synod 2014With humble thanks to God, early this afternoon the 2014 PRC Synod unanimously approved the examination of Joshua D. Engelsma and declared him a candidate for the ministry of the Word and Sacraments in the PRCA, eligible for call on or after July 12, 2014. 

We heartily congratulate Josh and his wife Courtney and children, along with their families, in this wonderful milestone in his training for and call to the ministry.

The Seminary graduation ceremony for Josh will take place this evening in Hope PRC, Walker, MI, at 7:30 p.m. with the openhouse planned next door at Hope PR Christian School afterward. The graduation will also be live-streamed this evening. Visit Hope PRC's Sermonaudio page to join in if you are unable to attend.

As a denomination we have many reasons to give thanks – for the truths of God’s Word and our Reformed confessions, for the gifts and grace God has given to this young man enabling him to confess the truth so clearly and confidently, and for a Seminary which faithfully teaches these truths so the churches receive the truth each Lord's Day. May God be praised with reverence deep!

Synod congrats JCE-1
Delegates offer congratulations to Josh and Courtney.

Synod Congrats JCE-2
Prof.R.Cammenga offering his congratulations.

Synod 2014 - Report on Day 2

CSpronk-2ndClerkThe following is the summary report of the second clerk of Synod this year, Rev. Clay Spronk (picture to the left). We thank him for this contribution and the pictures. This report is also attached here in pdf form

The additional pictures that follow were taken by Mr.Don Doezema, Stated Clerk of Synod. We also thank him for this faithful labor.

Below: Sem. Josh Engelsma sitting for his oral Dogmatics exam. (For live-stream video of this examination, follow this link.)


Day 2 Report of Synod 2014 Page 1

Day 2 Report of Synod 2014 Page 2

Missionary-pastor W.Bruinsma addresses Synod on behalf of Eastern Home Missions.

Missionary-pastor M.McGeown addresses Synod on behalf of the Covenant PRC in N.Ireland.

Elder Lee Kong Wee addresses Synod on behalf of our sister church in Singapore, Covenant ERC.

Hope PRC's able audio-visual technician, Dave Jessup, at his post.

Synod 2014 - Report on Day 1

The following is the summary report of the second clerk of Synod this year, Rev. Clay Spronk. We thank him for this contribution and the pictures. The pictures of the committees of Synod that follow were taken by Mr.Don Doezema, Stated Clerk of Synod. This report is also attached here in pdf form.

Day 1 Report of Synod 2014 Page 1
Day 1 Report of Synod 2014 Page 2

Group Picture - the whole body of Synod, including special guests:

Group Pic - Synod 2014

Officers of Synod:

Officers- Synod 2014
Rev.G.Eriks, Vice-president; Rev.K.Koole, President; Rev.D.Kuiper, 1st Clerk; Rev.C.Spronk, 2nd Clerk

Committees of Synod:

Comm-1-Synod 2014
Committee I: Prof.B.Gritters, J.Lenting, N.Kleyn, Rev.W.Langerak, Rev.D.Kuiper

Comm2-Synod 2014
Committee II: P.Vander Schaaf, Rev.R.Van Overloop, A.Bylsma, Rev.C.Spronk, Prof.R.Dykstra

Comm3 - Synod 2014
Committee III: J.Decker, Rev.J.Laning, J.Regnerus, Rev.K.Koole, Prof.R.Cammenga 

Comm4 - Synod 2014
Committee IV: H.Langerak, L.Uittenbogaard, Rev.S.Key, Rev.C.Haak

Comm5 - Synod 2014
Committtee V: G.Van Baren, D.Terpstra, Rev.A.Brummel, Rev.G.Eriks 

Special delegates - Sister churches-2014
Special Delegates from Sister Churches: Elder Lee Kong Wee (Covenant ERC Singapore) & Rev.M.McGeown (Covenant PRC, N.Ireland)

Public Declaration - Synod 2014
Synodical delegates rising to assent to the Public Declaration of Agreement with the Three Forms of Unity.

PRC Synod 2014 Set to Begin June 10

HopePRC-WalkerWith the PRC Synod 2014 set to begin Tuesday, June 10, the following notices are given to the churches.

Remember to pray for the delegates as they conduct the work of the churches in common and for Sem.Joshua Engelsma, as he will be examined at this Synod.

The pre-synodical service will be held on Monday, June 9, at 7:00 P.M. in Hope PR Church, Walker, Michigan, with last year's president, Rev.Ronald van Overloop leading the service and preaching the Word. 


Synod convenes Tuesday morning at 8:00, not in the church, but in Hope PR Christian School next door.  Much of Wednesday and Thursday will be devoted to the examination of Mr. Joshua Engelsma

Mr. Engelsma’s graduation is planned for Thursday evening, June 12, at 7:30 in Hope’s sanctuary.  Prof. Russell Dykstra will deliver the commencement address.

Also, note these arrangements for live-streaming available for Synodical events:

1. The pre-synodical service (Monday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m. EDT) will be streamed live at

2. The specimen sermon of Joshua Engelsma will be given on Tuesday, June 10, in Hope Church, beginning at 10 a.m.

3. The examination of Mr. Engelsma will be held in Hope PR Christian School (just east of the church) on Wednesday and Thursday beginning at 8:00 a.m.

4. Pending synod’s approval the specimen sermon, examination, and graduation will be streamed live at

Be sure to check back to this news section often during Synod, as daily reports and pictures from Synod will be posted.

Synod Report for Friday, June 14

RSmitaddress-Synod2013Friday, June 14, 2013: The last day of synod was another day of giving thanks to God for His great goodness.  The morning devotions began with Psalm 145, a Psalm of praise to God.  Every session of synod begins with prayer.  The many heartfelt prayers of the delegates focused on giving thanks to God for His undeserved goodness. 

            When synod made decisions regarding the work in the Philippines, Rev. Smit, one of our missionaries in the Philippines, addressed synod.  He expressed the gratitude of the missionaries to the churches for their interest in and support of Christ’s work in the Philippines.  Rev. Smit also brought the greetings of the churches with whom they work in the Philippines by reading a letter of greeting from the combined consistories of the Berean PRC and the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  Rev. Van Overloop expressed words of thanks for the dedicated labors of Rev. Smit, Rev. Kleyn, and their families, on behalf of our churches.

Synod Report for Thursday, June 13

Guichelaars wErikCherithThursday, June 13, 2013:  Today was a day of continued gratitude to God.  Mr. Erik Guichelaar  successfully sustained his examination before synod.  He was examined in Church History, Church Polity, OT History, NT History, and Practica.  With thanks to God, synod approved his examination and declared Mr. Guichelaar a candidate of the ministry of the Word and Sacraments eligible for call on or after July 13, 2013. As churches we have many reasons to give thanks – for the truth of God’s Word, the gifts God has given to this young man who confessed the truth so beautifully, and a seminary which faithfully teaches these truths so the church receives the truth each Sunday. (Picture is of Sem.E.Guichelaar with his wife Cherith and daughter Kennedy, and his parents, Gerry and Alice Guichelaar, from Wingham, ON.)

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