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Synod Report for Thursday, June 13

Guichelaars wErikCherithThursday, June 13, 2013:  Today was a day of continued gratitude to God.  Mr. Erik Guichelaar  successfully sustained his examination before synod.  He was examined in Church History, Church Polity, OT History, NT History, and Practica.  With thanks to God, synod approved his examination and declared Mr. Guichelaar a candidate of the ministry of the Word and Sacraments eligible for call on or after July 13, 2013. As churches we have many reasons to give thanks – for the truth of God’s Word, the gifts God has given to this young man who confessed the truth so beautifully, and a seminary which faithfully teaches these truths so the church receives the truth each Sunday. (Picture is of Sem.E.Guichelaar with his wife Cherith and daughter Kennedy, and his parents, Gerry and Alice Guichelaar, from Wingham, ON.)


            In the afternoon, synod returned to its other business.  It dealt with two other significant matters concerning our seminary.  First, Prof. Cammenga notified synod that he accepted the permanent tenure that synod approved Wednesday.  Second, synod expressed a special word of thanks to Don Doezema for his many years of faithful service as registrar of the Theological School, and for the many other duties he has diligently performed for our seminary for the past 25 plus years.  The occasion for this special thanks is Mr. Doezema’s retirement this year from the position as Seminary registrar.  Mr. Chuck Terpstra will be taking this position.

            For the rest of the afternoon, synod discussed and took decisions regarding the the advice of a study committee that Synod 2012 appointed.  The synod decided to approve parts of the recommendation, which make changes to the Constitutions of the Foreign Mission Committee and the Domestic Mission Committee.  You can read about this in the printed Acts of Synod.

Last modified on 17 July 2013