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Synod 2014 - Report on Day 2

CSpronk-2ndClerkThe following is the summary report of the second clerk of Synod this year, Rev. Clay Spronk (picture to the left). We thank him for this contribution and the pictures. This report is also attached here in pdf form

The additional pictures that follow were taken by Mr.Don Doezema, Stated Clerk of Synod. We also thank him for this faithful labor.

Below: Sem. Josh Engelsma sitting for his oral Dogmatics exam. (For live-stream video of this examination, follow this link.)


Day 2 Report of Synod 2014 Page 1

Day 2 Report of Synod 2014 Page 2

Missionary-pastor W.Bruinsma addresses Synod on behalf of Eastern Home Missions.

Missionary-pastor M.McGeown addresses Synod on behalf of the Covenant PRC in N.Ireland.

Elder Lee Kong Wee addresses Synod on behalf of our sister church in Singapore, Covenant ERC.

Hope PRC's able audio-visual technician, Dave Jessup, at his post.

Last modified on 12 June 2014