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PRC Synod 2016 - Day 1, Tuesday, June 14 (Updated)

On Tuesday, June 14, 2016, the PRC Synod convened officially and began its work. Last year's president, Rev. S. Key, opened the initial session.

Synod begins 1

Voting for new officers took place with Rev.G. Eriks elected as president, Rev. R. Van Overloop as vice-president, Rev.D. Kuiper as first clerk, and Rev. A. Brummel as second clerk.

Officers 1

Committee assignments were then determined with the following results (first-named is chair):

Committee I - Revs. R. Van Overloop and C. Spronk; Elders A.Bylsma and H.Pastoor

CommI 1

Committee II - Revs. C.Haak and J.Laning; Elders C.Hunter and T.Pipe; Prof.R. Cammenga, advisor

CommII 2

Committee III - Revs. K.Koole, D. Kuiper; Elders J.Van Baren and K.Bruinsma

CommIII 1

Committee IV - Revs. S.Key and R. Kleyn; Elders S.Miedema and L.Regnerus; Prof.B. Gritters, advisor

CommIV 1

 CommIV 1

Committee V - Revs. G.Eriks and A. Brummel; Elders P.Adams and B.Van Engen

 CommV 1

CommV 1

Second clerk, Rev. A. Brummel adds these notes for today:

All the delegates were present with Elder Pete Adams as secondi in the place of David Kregel and Prof. Dykstra absent due to work in Singapore.

Synod also seated Rev. Martyn McGeown and Rev. Lanning as delegates from our sister churches and gave them advisory vote in all matters.

Greetings were directed to Dr.  Klautke from the BERG in Germany.

The committees were appointed and synod adjourned for the day to allow the committees to do their work.

And a few examples of the fellowship with fellow delegates and vistors on day one.

Gritters Miersma visitor
Prof.B. Gritters, Rev.R. Miersma with guest.

Visitors fellowship 1

Trio 1
Elders J.Regnerus and K.Bruinsma with Rev.C. Spronk

Klautke Eriks
Dr.J. Klautke and Rev.G. Eriks

CommII 1
Committee II at work




Last modified on 15 June 2016