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PRC Synod 2017 - Day One Report

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The following report from day one of the PRC Synod 2017 is furnished by Rev. C. Spronk, second clerk.


Synod convened this morning at 8:00am in Hudsonville PRC. Present were the 20 delegates from Classes East and West, our three seminary professors, and Mr. Brian Crossett. Mr. Crossett a special guest of synod who represents our sister church, the Covenant Protestant
Reformed Church of Ballymena, Northern Ireland.

Rev. Steven Key was elected as president, Rev. Bill Bruinsma as vice-president, Rev. Doug Kuiper as 1st clerk, and Rev. Clay Spronk as 2nd Clerk.

The following committees of pre-advice were appointed:

Committee 1: Rev. Van Overloop, Rev. Laning, Elder Robert Brands, Elder Sid Miedema, and Prof. B. Gritters. This committee will bring advice regarding domestic missions, our seminary, student aid, and an appeal from Mr. Gerald Feenstra.

Committee 2: Rev. R. Kleyn, Rev. W. Bruinsma, Elder Pete Adams, Elder Al Meurer, and Prof. R. Cammenga. This committee will bring advice regarding the work of the Contact Committee and the Catechism Committee. It will also treat the appeal of Mr. Case Lubbers.

Committee 3: Rev. C. Spronk, Rev. B. Huizinga, Elder Henry Ferguson, Elder John Van Baren. This committee’s task is to bring advice regarding foreign missions and the appeal of Mr. Wes Koops.

Committee 4: Rev. G. Eriks, Rev. D. Kuiper, Elder James Lanting, Elder Chester Hunter, and Prof. R. Dykstra. Synod appointed this committee to treat seven protests that are related to the same case.

Committee 5: Rev. S. Key, Rev. C. Haak, Elder Keith Bruinsma, and Elder Gary Boverhof. As is always the case at synod, committee 5 will bring advice regarding various financial matters.

Synod has the privilege of examining seven seminarians this year. Today was sermon day. Synod divided into two groups to listen to the sermons. One group remained at Hudsonville to listen to the specimen sermons of four students. The other group met at Providence PRC to hear the specimen sermons of the other three students. Synod approved of all of the sermons.

The oral examination of the students will begin tomorrow morning. Live-streaming of the examinations, at least portions of it, will be available at: After the approval of the students’ sermons synod adjourned for the day so that the pre-advice committees could begin their work.

Finally, it should be noted that Rev. Bill Langerak filled in for Rev. Haak today. Yesterday a family in the congregation Rev. Haak serves experienced the sudden loss of a teenage daughter. Synod was led by Rev. Eriks in prayer to ask God to care for those who are hurt by this tragedy and for Rev. Haak as brings the gospel of comfort in this time of need.

GEriks pulpit

If you wish to listen to Rev. G. Eriks' pre-synodical sermon preached Monday night in Hudsonville PRC, "The Vision of the Holy God," visit this Sermonaudio link.

Below are a few images from Day 1 - thanks to John Van Baren for the synod pictures this year!

delegates table 2

Delegates table 1

Key Kuiper 1
A diligent president (Rev. S. Key) and first clerk (Rev. D. Kuiper), checking time to ensure a prompt session.

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