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PRC Synod 2018 - Day 2 (Wednesday) at Adams Christian School

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The PRC Synod 2018 resumed its work Wednesday morning, June 13, at 8 AM at Adams Christian School.

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The second clerk (Rev. G. Eriks) has provided a summary of the business covered and the decisions reached (also attached in pdf form). They are as follows:

Synod treated the recommendations of Committee 1 through the morning. The following are
some of the decisions made regarding our seminary.
• It was noted that Matt Kortus and Jacob Maatman are in their third year of study at the
seminary and will begin their internships this summer. Josiah Tan, a student from
Singapore, finished his second year of study.
• Synod admitted another student into our seminary, Mr. Marcus Wee, a young man from
Singapore, beginning with the fall semester in 2018.
• Synod approved an addition and remodel to the seminary at an estimated cost of $451,600.
• Our seminary has never been authorized to grant a degree to those who graduate. Synod
approved the activity of the Theological School Committee to seek approval from the state
of Michigan to be recognized as a degree-granting institution.
• Synod also noted that Mr. Jon Huisken has served as our archivist for over 30 years and
gave thanks for his work now that he is retiring from this position.
• Synod expressed appreciation to Professors Cammenga, Dykstra, Gritters, and Kuiper, and
to Charles Terpstra and Judi Doezema for all their work in our seminary.
• Noting the urgent need for pastors and missionaries in our churches, synod decided to
“urge the churches and the pastors in particular in their public prayers to pray the Lord of
the harvest for able, faithful, devoted pastors and teachers for us and our children, as well
as for the gathering of the elect out of the nations (Matt. 28:19).”

Synod made the following decisions regarding Foreign Missions:
• Rev. Holstege, one of missionaries in the Philippines, addressed synod today, expressing
the his joy and gratitude laboring as the Lord’s servant in the work of missions in the
Philippines. He highlighted some of the recent developments on the field and thanked the
synod and churches for their generous and willing support of the missionaries and their
• Synod expressed appreciation for the work of the Foreign Mission Committee, the Doon
Council, and to the missionaries, Rev. Holstege, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Smit and their families, for
their work in the Philippines.
• Synod approved financial support for the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines
for 2019 in the amount of about $15,000. Synod also approved a budget of about $406,000
for mission work in the Philippines.
• At the request of the FMC, synod approved going Rev. and Sharon Kleyn a 4-6 month
furlough in 2019, for the main purpose of missionary development, which would include
taking a missions class, if possible, and reading in missions.
• Because of the many issues that have arisen with providing financial assistance in foreign
lands, synod mandated the Foreign Mission Committee to come to Synod 2019 with
guidelines for giving financial assistance in foreign lands.

Synod treated the legality of the protests and appeal in the agenda. The appeal and all of the
protests were declared legally before synod.

Synod decided to recess for the rest of the day so that committees of pre-advice may
continue to work. Synod will begin again at 8:00am Thursday morning.

DHolstege address 2b
Missionary-pastor to the Philippines Daniel Holstege, here on furlough, addressed Synod on behalf of the Foreign Mission Committee and Doon PRC, the calling church.

A valuable service to synod that can easily be overlooked is the sound system set up and run by Joel Van Oostenbrugge of our Grace PRC. Thanks for your work, Joel!

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Last modified on 14 June 2018