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PRC Synod 2018 - Day 7 - Thursday, June 21

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The PRC Synod 2018 completed its work Thursday, June 21, beginning at 8 AM and ending after lunch.

Rev. G. Eriks, second clerk of synod, offers this final summary of the day's work:

After praying for God’s blessing upon the work of the day, synod returned to recommitted material regarding
the appeal dealt with yesterday. Synod sustained the appellant's appeal of Art. 44 of Classis East, which decision advised

Hope’s consistory to require the appellant to retract an accusation. 

Synod also made a favorable judgment on the paper that Rev. D. Overway wrote in response to the following
mandate of Synod 2017: “respond fully, in writing, to the objections against his sermon on John 14:6 as
sustained by Synod 2017. This response must include his theological convictions about the matter.” Synod said
that Rev. Overway satisfactorily fulfilled this mandate and judged his response to be orthodox.

Synod then approved some recommendations to help Hope PRC implement these decisions. This included the
appointment of a special committee of Prof. R. Cammenga, Rev. C. Spronk, and Rev. R. Van Overloop.
Synod then turned to the three protests of the decision found in Article 88, B.1 of Synod 2017 (Acts, pp. 88-89).

Synod sustained the protests of these three men and rescinded Art. 88. B. 1 because the statements were unclear
and because Synod 2017 erred when it entered into the statements of a protestant while at the same time not
sustaining the protest, which charged these statements with antinomianism.

Synod also responded to one protest by rebuking the protestant for including in his protest charges of heresy
against an office bearer in good standing in the PRC.

After lunch, synod voted on appointments to the standing committees of synod, and approved expenses of over
$12,000 for the meeting of synod.

The chair thanked the delegates for their work and cooperation and the chair was thanked for his able leadership
of the synod through many difficult issues. Elder Jim Lanting closed synod with a prayer of thanksgiving

May the King of the church give His sovereign blessing to the decisions reached by Synod 2018 - for the welfare of His church and the glory of His name.

Last modified on 21 June 2018