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PRC Synod 2019: Day 2 - Wednesday, June 12 - *Updated with Report

CGriess devotions
Rev. C. Griess (pastor of First PRC, the host church) with opening devotions, Wednesday, June 12

Following synod's approval of the sermons of Sems. M. Kortus and J. Maatman yesterday, synod is proceeding with their oral examination today. First is Prof. R. Cammenga, who is examining them in all branches of theology. The exam is being live-streamed through First PRC's Sermonaudio channel.

Exam Dogm 2
Prof. R. Cammenga examining Sems. Matt K. and Jacob M. in dogmatics

Students exam 2
The two men completed their exam in dogmatics this afternoon, then synod reconvened to treat material from its committees that was ready. *The report of the actions taken is attached in pdf form.

One of the more significant decisions was this: "Synod called Rev. Brian Huizinga to replace Prof. Cammenga as Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament. Rev. Cory Griess was chosen to be the alternate. May the Lord guide Rev. Huizinga that he may know God’s will regarding this call. Let us remember him in our prayers."

On Thursday the seniors will be examined in O.T. History, N.T. History, Church History, Church Polity, and Practica (a practical exam). This portion of the exam will also be live-streamed.

synod sessions 1

Missionary-pastor D. Kleyn addressed synod on the ongoing work of the PRC's three missionaries in the Philippines (photo below).

DKleyn address Wed 2

The following are pictures taken today of the committees of synod - and one at work yesterday (more to come!).

Comm 1 1
Committee 1 - Prof. B. Gritters, Elders G. Lanning, H. Goosen, Rev. S. Key, Rev. G. Eriks

Comm 2 1
Committee 2 - Revs. C. Haak, J. Laning, Elders A. Meuer, K. Van Overloop, Prof. R. Cammenga

Comm 3 1
Committee 3 - Rev. R. Kleyn, Elder M. Bosveld, Rev. R. Van Overloop, Elder D. Terpstra, Prof. R. Dykstra

Comm 4 1
Committee 4 - Elder P. VanDer Schaaf, Prof. D. Kuiper, Rev. B. Huizinga, Elder B. Wories, Rev. C. Griess

Comm 5 1
Committee 5 - Revs. C. Spronk, A. Brummerl, Elders R. Gritters, B. Gritters

Foreign delegates
The special foreign delegates - Rev. J. Flores (PRC, the Philippines), Rev. M. McGeown (Covenant PRC, N. Ireland), Deacon Lee Meng Hsien (Covensnt ERC, Singapore)

Comm1 work 2
Committee 1 at work

Comm 2 work 2
Committee 2 at work

Comm3 Tues 2
Committee 3 at work

Comm 5 work 2
Committee 5 at work

And the group pictures taken today, one in front of First PRC, the other down below.

group front 1

group below 1

Last modified on 13 June 2019