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PR Churches (North America)

These 31 congregations have banded together in organic church unity and official denominational federation, giving expression to the truth of Psalm 133:1, Ephesians 4:1-6, and our Lord's prayer in John 17:11 and 20-23.

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Domestic Mission Stations

The PRC currently have one home missionary working in the Eastern U.S. Rev.W.Bruinsma is stationed in Pittsburgh, PA, where his labors center but from which his work extends. And each PRC congregation is also involved in evangelism in its own locale.

Secretary for Domestic Mission Committee: 

Rev. J. Kortering:

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Foreign Mission Stations

philmap2The PRC have two foreign missionaries at present, both working in the Philippines, with metro Manila as the base. Rev.Daniel Kleyn and Rev.Richard Smit share responsibilities for a number of labors with churches, pastors, and contacts throughout this country (See map to the left). Visit their website to learn more about these labors.You may also visit the Kleyn's blog or the Smits blog to see a more personal side to the life and work in this foreign land.

In addition, the PRC help support the mission labors of the Covenant PRC (N.Ireland) in Limerick, Ireland, where Rev.Martyn McGeown serves as missionary. And, several of our congregations are involved with labors in India (Georgetown PRC) and in Myanmar (Hope PRC, Walker).

Secretary for Foreign Mission Committee: 

Rev. James Laning:

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Sister and Other Church Relationships

In harmony with the principles of holy Scripture and our Three Forms of Unity, the PRC through its Committee for Contact with Other Churches maintain full sister church relationships with two foreign churches and a corresponding relationship with one other foreign denomination.

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