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Members of Christ's Body

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Just as the human body is one organism made up of many different parts or members, so is the church of Christ according to 1 Corinthians 12:12.  We are so united to Christ that He is become our head and we are His body.  In his sermon, Rev. Overway delves into this amazing truth of scripture revealing the significance of membership within the body of Christ, the importance of diversity within the body of Christ, and the wonderful blessings that are experienced only within the body of Christ.  Click here to listen.

This month’s theme for the app content is “The Necessity of Membership within a True Church of Jesus Christ” in preparation for a free public lecture event held by Hope Protestant Reformed Church on November 11, 2016.  Professor David Engelsma will speak on this topic, answering such questions as “Is membership in a church really necessary?’ and “What qualities should I seek for in a church home?”  To learn more, click here to visit Hope’s website for the event.

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  • Sermon Series: The Church in the Wilderness
Overway, David

Rev. David Overway (Wife: Rebecca)

Ordained: September 2002

Pastorates: Covenant, Wyckoff, NJ - 2002; Doon, IA - 2005


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