wpe2.jpg (811 bytes) “Jethro’s Wisdom for Moses”


Exodus 18:13-27 April 27, 2003 PM
God had done great things for Israel since Moses left his family in Midian; and they had heard reports

   B. So Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, visits, bringing Moses' wife & sons. Observing Moses, He gives wise advice




I. The Problem

A. Israel needed Moses to govern and instruct them in the laws of God.

1. The first labor of Moses was to teach the people the "statutes and laws of Jehovah." (vss. 16, 20)


2. Then, Moses' duty was to judge the people in their problems (see Deuteronomy 1; 1-12)

B. But the task was too great for one man to bear; the burden for Moses was too heavy.

II. The Solution

A. Strikingly, the solution is proposed by a Midianite (non-Israelite!) priest

B. His wisdom was to appoint judges and divide the labors between Moses and the judges

C. They are to be qualified men, chosen by the people, and put in office by Moses.

IlL The Wisdom

A.     Jethro represents the wisdom and love of God in Jesus Christ for His people



B. In this way, the people can “go to their place in peace.”