Bibliography for A Cloud of Witnesses

The works which are listed here are not intended to be a bibliography for the book. Although I have consulted these works from time to time, the preparation of the book led me to consult many more sources than one can list here. Many of these sources, for obvious reasons, were in the Dutch language to which our readers have no access. The reason for including these books is the suggestion of the publisher that a list of books be provided for the reader who wishes to read more extensively on any given subject. The list, therefore, is intended for the general reader whose interest may have been whetted by various chapters in the book. It is my hope and prayer that this may indeed be true. To read in Church History is edifying and one who turns to the fountain of the past will surely find refreshing and renewing waters from which to drink. Although I have not included additional reading suggestions for all those whose lives are described in this book, a general work on church history will give the reader additional biographies and works to consult if such is desired.

General Works

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