Meditation for November 16

Psalm 4:5

    There are times when we should not speak, and there are times when speaking is our undeniable calling. There are words which we should not utter, and words that must come out of our mouths. That is why David, having spoken to his soul and commanded it to be silent and not to question God's faithfulness, continued with, "Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, and put your trust in the Lord" Psalm 4:5.

    What David has in mind here is speaking by his actions. His mouth must bring a sacrifice of righteousness to God rather than complain because he has not been relieved of his troubles.

    Our versification in these words tells us how we must speak:

    Lay upon God's altar
    Good and loving deeds,
    And in all things trust  Him
    To supply your needs.
    Anxious and despairing,
    Many walk in night;
    But to those that fear Him
    God will send His light.

    Here sacrifices of righteousness are called good and loving deeds. This is certainly true, especially for us today when the temple and all its types and shadows are fulfilled in Christ. We are to walk as Christ walked, loving God and showing this with all our deeds. Then we bring God sacrifices of righteousness.

    Our complaining but also our impatience, when God does not at once bring us out of our distress and disappointments, is not a work of righteousness. Therefore our calling is to trust in God. Revealing that trust we are bringing sacrifices of righteousness. We are doing that which is right. We are sacrificing our ideas and wishes and telling God that we submit to His way and will.

    Therefore whatever your situation is and your troubles are, be silent as far as complaints are concerned. But open your mouth wide and by your actions reveal unshaken trust in God.

    David began this Psalm by saying that God enlarged him when he was in distress. And we, having the cross, resurrection, and ascension of Christ into heaven as our Head, have stronger words to express our trust in God for the wonders He has wrought in His Son.

Read: Psalm 62
Psalter versification: 7:2
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Song for Meditation: Psalter number 113
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Ezekiel 33 ; Ezekiel 34:1-31
Hebrews 13:1-25
Psalm 115:1-18
Proverbs 27:21-22


Quote for Reflection:

   "We shall never love Christ much except we live near to Him.   Love to Christ is dependent on our nearness to Him.  It is just like the planets and the sun.  Why are some of the planets cold?  why do they move at so slow a rate?  simply because they are so far from the sun;  put them where the planet Mercury is, and they will be in a boiling heat, and spin round the sun in rapid orbits.  so, beloved, if we live near to Christ, we can not help loving Him; the heart that is near Jesus must be full of His love."  -- C.H. Spurgeon

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