Reading Sermons from the Protestant Reformed Churches


Exodus 1:7-22 - Israel's Bondage in Egypt by Rev Douglas Kuiper

Numbers 23:20-23 -- The Church's Justification by Rev. Ron Hanko

I Samuel 2:27-36 - Eli's House Cut off by Rev. Allen Brummel

Isaiah 49:14-16 -- Graven Upon God's Palms by Rev. Allen Brummel

Daniel 1 -- Refusing the King's Meat by Rev. Allen Brummel

Haggai 2:1-5 -- "The Lesser Glory of God's House in the Latter Days" by Rev. Ronald Hanko wpe4.jpg (925 bytes)

Luke 2:7b -- Wrapped and Laid in Poverty by Rev. R. Smit

Luke 2:6-7 -- Jesus' Lowly Birth" by Rev. Doug Kuiper

John 10:3 -- "Called by Name by Jesus" - by Rev. Ronald Hanko

Ephesians 6:1 -- "Children, Obey Your Parents!" by Rev. Doug Kuiper

James 1:1-4 -- "Rejoicing in Manifold Temptations" by Rev. Rodney Miersma

James 1:5-8 -- "God's Answer to Our Impatience" by Rev. Rodney Miersma

Revelation 12:5-18 -- "War in Heaven" by Rev. Ronald Hanko wpe4.jpg (925 bytes)

Heidelberg Catechism, Lord's Day 4 -- "Escape Attempts" by Rev. G. Van Baren