Meditation for June 22

Psalm 54:4,5

    Who would dare to deny that we, as citizens of the kingdom of heaven, have enemies? To deny that simply shows that the chief enemy, Satan, has a mighty grip upon us, and that our enemies are many more than we can count. A countless number there is of those that do not have God before them as the Lord Whom they must serve every minute of their lives and with every creature they see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. And because we do love God, and strive to serve Him with all things at all times, we get in their way and they hate us. They do not even want us to remind them of their calling before God.

    But we are safe. As David wrote in Psalm 54:4,5, Behold, God is my helper: The Lord is with them that uphold my soul. He shall reward evil unto my enemies: cut them off in Thy truth.''  Once again David uses God's name Elohim, which means, The Almighty One. And he calls us to look clearly and constantly at this truth. Behold, he says, which means, look with both eyes, and do not take them off for a fraction of a second from the fact that our Lord is the Almighty One, and He is our HELPER. He will save us, but He will also encourage us by His word and Spirit to put all our trust in Himself.

    Not only will He save us completely from all our enemies, but He will through His Son, Who has power over all things in heaven and on earth, give our enemies the reward of punishment which they deserve.

    We may with confidence sing:

    Lo, God my helper is,
    The Lord my mighty Friend;
    He shall requite my enemies
    Their just destruction send.

    And you and I must encourage each other with that truth. We must take hold of that truth with both hands and hold on to it no matter what it is with which we are confronted. We must encourage each other in times of ridicule, and in days of painful persecution. As we fight the good fight of faith, our banner must be: "The Almighty One is our Helper."

Read: Psalm 118
Psalter versification: 147:3

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Song for Meditation: Psalter number 428
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II Kings 3
II Kings 4:1-17
Acts 14:8-28
Psalm 140:1-13
Proverbs 17:22

Quote for Reflection:

Let us, then, grasp this fact, that nothing should prevent us worshipping the Lord, even though we no longer have access to His ‘public’ ordinances. How thankful we should be for such a merciful provision in a day like ours. Arthur Pink

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