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Doon PRC Extends Call to Rev.C.Griess for Missionary to the Philippines

RevCGriessOn Sunday morning, September 21, 2014, the congregation of Doon (IA) PRC voted to extend a call to Rev.Cory Griess of Calvary PRC (Hull, IA) to serve as the next missionary to the Philippines. We pray for this pastor and his family as he weighs this call, as well as his existing one.

His plan is to answer this call on or before October 19, 2014.

In other news from the Philippines, some of the churches and people with whom our missionaries labor have been affected by the heavy rains and flooding of the past week. This is one such note that appeared in a church bulletin:

Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Smit reported that the latest flooding in the Philippines and the area of Manilla was significant. Rev. Kleyn wrote: " From what we’ve heard from the pastors and members of the various churches, they’re all doing fine. Some will no doubt have some cleanup to do, but I would think it won’t be to the extent of what was needed after Typhoon Ondoy in 2009. We may learn more about this as the day and weekend progresses. We’re thankful everyone is fine, and that the flooding wasn’t worse. Especially thankful to know the Lord’s hand directs all things. Thanks for your prayers and concerns.


Last modified on 29 September 2014