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News From the Philippines Mission (March 15, 2015)

From the bulletins of both the Provident Christian Church and the PRC of Bulacan we find the following significant news items relating to the work in the Philippines, this being the final Sunday Missionary Rev.R.Smit and his family spend on the field:

Rev. and Tricia Smit and their family are scheduled to leave the Philippines this week in order to make their home and take up their work in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Sometime in April, the Lord willing, Rev. Smit will be installed as the pastor of the First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids [April 19]. We thank the Lord for providing this call to Rev. Smit. We are also thankful for the faithful labors of Rev. Smit here in the Philippines over the past six years, and for the blessing of coming to know and being able to enjoy fellowship with the Smit family. We pray God will keep them safe as they travel and bless them as they adjust to their new life and work in His church. “The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand” (Psalm 121:5).

Smit Family Feb2015

Rev. Daniel Holstege recently declined the call to serve as a missionary in the Philippines. Doon PRC has since formed a new trio of Rev. Allen Brummel (Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls South Dakota), Rev. Nathan Decker (Trinity PRC in Hudsonville Michigan) and Rev. Garry Eriks (Hudsonville PRC in Hudsonville Michigan). The congregation plans to vote from this trio on Friday, April 3.

Rev. D.Kleyn’s preaching schedule is as follows:

< March 22 – Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela

< March 29 – Provident Christian Church

< April 5 – Maranatha PRC in Valenzuela

< April 12 – Provident Christian Church

Shall we remember to pray for the Smits as they depart - and continue regularly in prayer for the Kleyns - and Doon PRC - and the saints in the Philippines?

UPDATE: It may be added that the Smits family made it safely to their "new" Michigan home (First PRC's parsonage) late Wednesday, March 18 and are settling in. We thank God for these safe travels and pray for grace as they settle in to their new abode and the labors in First PRC. Rev.D.Kleyn and his wife updated their blog about the Smits' departure from the Philippines after seeing them to the airport. To see pictures of the other side of this trip, visit their blog (below is one image taken at the airport).

Last modified on 22 March 2015