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Faith PRC Council Delegation to Visit BERG in Germany

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The Council of Faith PRC is sending a delegation of two elders, Dave Bouwkamp and Randy Dykstra along with their wives, to Giessen, Germany May 4-18, the Lord willing, to meet with the leaders of the Bekennende Evangelisch-Reformierte Gemeinde (BERG, or Confessing Evangelical-Reformed Church) pastored by Dr. Jurgen-Burkhardt Klautke, and of the Akademie fur Reformatorische Theologie (ART, or Academy for Reformed Theology) to observe the seminary's work.

The visit will give the Council, which oversees the support from our congregation and others, a firsthand look at the work being done and how the monies are being used. This visit will also enable better communication to potential donors of the needs that the ART and BERG have.

The Contact Committee of the PRC is publishing a special report on this church in the May 15, 2015 issue of the Standard Bearer. Look for that in the next few weeks to learn more about this congregation and her faithful Reformed work and witness in Germany.

Let us remember the Boukamps and Dykstras in prayer as they travel to Germany and carry out this work. And let us remember to pray for our fellow saints and their leaders in the BERG. May God grant traveling mercies as well as blessings on the visits and discussions.

Last modified on 05 May 2015