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A New Seminary Year Begins

Back row (L-R): Profs.R.Dykstra, R.Cammenga, B.Gritters; Sems. David Noorman, Justin Smidstra, Jon Langerak, and Matt DeBoer
Front row (L-R): Sems.Aaron Lim, Brian Feenstra, Joe Holstege, Nathan Price, and Stephan Regnerus

This past Monday, August 25, 2014 the PRC Seminary opened its doors anew for another year of instruction of young men for the ministry of the Word. Our three professors, Seminary students, and pre-Seminarians (not all could be here for "registration") gathered in the assembly room for devotions and initial instructions. Following that, the students began the search for course materials and commenced their studies.

Classes began on Tuesday morning, August 25, for both pre-Seminarians (five for Greek and Hebrew) and Seminarians (nine Sophomores). Senior Ryan Barnhill is taking his internship in Edgerton MN PRC until the end of this year.

This semester marks the beginning of the 90th year of instruction by our Seminary (1925-2014). The Seminary faculty, staff, and students covet your prayers as they take up their work anew this year.

May God grant us all His rich grace to carry out our callings in faithfulness to Him, so that our churches and sister churches may continue to have men to proclaim the glorious gospel of sovereign grace into all the world.