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2013-14 Faculty and Student Body


The 2013-14 PRC Seminary season of instruction has begun, with full classes having started this week Tuesday, Sept.3. Mr. Don Doezema, our recently retired registrar (with the help of his new camera), took this picture of the entire student body and faculty on opening day (with the exception of Senior Josh Engelsma, who is presently doing his internship in Peace PRC, Lansing, IL under pastor Clayton Spronk.). Remember to pray for the professors and students this year as they instruct and as they learn, that God's Word may be faithfully and fruitfully brought to these young men as they prepare for the gospel ministry.

Key: Back row (l-r): Justin Smidstra (Hudsonville PRC), Matt DeBoer (Hudsonville PRC), David Noorman (Faith PRC), Nathan Price (Trinity PRC), Jon Langerak (SW PRC), Stephan Regnerus (Doon, IA PRC), Prof.B.Gritters

Front row (l-r): Prof.R.Dykstra, Prof.R.Cammenga, Joe Holstege (SE PRC), Ryan Barnhill (Hudsonville PRC), Brian Feenstra (Hope PRC, Grand Rapids), Aaron Lim (Covenant ERC, Singapore)

Invitation to Audit Fall Seminary Classes

SignOnce again the Seminary is inviting those who are interested to attend selected classes this coming school year. Prof. Dykstra is inviting auditors to Church History, a class in which he will cover the Reformation period of the history of the church. Prof. Cammenga is inviting auditors to New Testament History, a class in which he will treat New Testament History from the inter-testamental period up to the Passion Week. And Prof. Cammenga is also inviting auditors to his Reformed Dogmatics class, which will begin with Ecclesiology, the study of the doctrine of the church. If you are interested in attending any or all of these classes, please call the Seminary at 616-531-1490 to find what times they meet (or check the Seminary or PRC web site for the class schedule) and to “register” for the class. Classes begin, D.V., on Tuesday, September 3.

Fall Seminary Conference: Heidelberg Catechism 450th Anniversary!

HeidelbergLogo MediumBkgrnd 900pxWide WebThe Protestant Reformed Seminary is planning to hold, D.V., a special conference commemorating the 450th anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism this Fall, October 17-19, 2013 - "Our Only Comfort". Hudsonville PRC, which is helping to host the conference, has made a special website to provide information and promote this important event. You are encouraged to check out, bookmark, and frequent this website as the plans and preparations continue. And we hope that you will also make plans to attend this profitable conference. A new flyer has been prepared for use in advertising this conference in the churches. Click here to download! And now you may find the conference on Facebook!

Recent updates:

- Don't forget to finalize your plans to attend a special conference commemorating the 450th Anniversary of the Heidelberg Catechism sponsored by the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches. The conference will take place October 17-19 at Hudsonville PRC.

- Arrive early to hear performances by the Hope Heralds on Thursday evening and Bryan Westra on Friday evening. These performances will start at 6:45. 

- Conference speakers include Dr. Jürgen-Burkhard Klautke from Germany and Rev. Angus Stewart from Northern Ireland. Visit for more information and follow the blog which features daily devotions on the Catechism.

- The 15 winners of the HC writing contest will also be announced and awarded at the Friday night session of the conference. You don't want to miss this exciting event!

- Special Note: For those unable to attend the conference, it will be live-streamed from Hudsonville PRC's auditorium each day. Visit the Hudsonville PRC website and follow directions for the live-stream feed (upper right-hand corner)

Don Doezema Thanked for Service to Seminary and PRC

In connection with Synod's expression of thanks to Mr.Don Doezema for his many years (over 25!) of service to the PRC Seminary (registrar, etc.) and churches (Stated Clerk of Synod, etc.) during their Thursday session (June 13), the Theological School Committee thanked Mr.Doezema publicly at the Seminary graduation program Thursday evening and presented him with a gift of a new camera. Quite surprised by the attention, Mr.Doezema did make it to the podium to express gratitude for the privilege of serving the Seminary community and the churches for so many years.

Doezema Camera gift DonDthankyou

2013 Seminary Commencement: Erik Guichelaar Graduates

On Thursday evening, June 13 the Protestant Reformed Seminary held its 2013 commencement exercises in the Hudsonville (MI) PRC. Having completed his examination before Synod earlier that day, Candidate Erik Guichelaar (Wingham, ON) received his diploma for completing the regular course of studies in the PR Theological School. Prof.Barrett Gritters delivered the address, speaking on "A Confessional Ministry", calling the brother to carry on a ministry of preaching and teaching grounded in the Scriptures as summed in the historic Christian and Reformed creeds of the church. Special music was privided by Jim Noorman, who sang "Sheep May Safely Graze", accompanied by his wife Faith. A time of refreshments and fellowship was held afterward in the church's fellowship hall. To view the program fror the evening, see the attached pdf.

BGrittersGradspeech TSCKoole  ErikG ProfRCErikcG ErikGCherithKennedy

2013 Seminary Graduation

ProfBG2012Seminary Graduation: The graduation ceremonies for Mr. Erik Guichelaar will take place, God willing, on Thursday evening, June 13, at 7:30 PM, at Hudsonville PRC.  Prof. B.Gritters will be speaking on "A Confessional Ministry." Please join the faculty, Theological School Committee, the 2013 Synodical delegates, and friends and family of Mr. Guichelaar in celebrating this important event in the churches!

Sem.Josh Engelsma's 2013 Internship

JoshE2013The Consistory of Peace PRC (Lansing IL) has approved a request from the faculty of the seminary that the Consistory and Pastor oversee the internship of Seminarian Joshua Engelsma. The Lord willing Seminarian Engelsma, his wife Courtney, and children Calvin and Charlotte, will be part of our congregation’s life and fellowship from July 1 to December 31. We look forward to welcoming the Engelsma family into our midst.

Heidelberg Catechism Writing Contest

HeidelbergLogo MediumBkgrnd 900pxWide Web
Attention writers who love the Heidelberg Catechism: A writing contest sponsored by the Protestant Reformed Seminary will be part of the celebration of the 450th anniversary of this beautiful confession this coming fall. Generous prizes will be awarded to excellent papers on assigned topics submitted by writers in five different age categories, including a category for adult writers this time. For more information, please visit the new website set up by Hudsonville PRC, the host church for the celebration in the fall of 2013. Don't delay; the due date for all contest entries is Friday, June 28.
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