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Newly Reprinted Books From the RFPA - Solid Reading and Gift Opportunities!

The Reformed Free Publishing Association, publisher of the Standard Bearer and sound Reformed books for adults and children, is busy issuing fresh reprints of some classic titles this year. Three of them may be highlighted here.

Triple Knowledge 10vols 2015The first is a reprint Herman Hoeksema's commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism - The Triple Knowledge - in its original 10 volume format. They have a special offers available for Book Club members (consider joining!) as well as for non-members. Here is the publisher's information from their website; check out the website for the details on pricing:

We present the Triple Knowledge series by Herman Hoeksema,produced in a ten-volume set, as originally published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company beginning in 1943. Putting this series back into the 10 volumes—the way Rev. Hoeksema divided them—will bring the reader closer to the themes represented in the Heidelberg Catechism.

Found in these ten volumes is the most extensive commentary on the fifty-two Lord's Days of the Heidelberg Catechism in English. This fine exposition on man's misery, deliverance, and thankfulness clearly sets forth the distinctive truths of the Reformed faith in a warm, personal way.

Coming May 2015 (first five volumes pictured):
Volume 1 - In the Midst of Death (240 pages)
Volume 2 - God's Way Out (256 pages)
Volume 3 - The Death of the Son of God (304 pages)
Volume 4 - The Lord of Glory (192 pages)
Volume 5 - Abundant Mercy (240 pages)
Coming August 2015:
Volume 6 - Baptized into Christ
Volume 7 - Eating and Drinking Christ
Volume 8 - Love the Lord Thy God
Volume 9 - Love Thy Neighbor for God's Sake
Volume 10 - The Perfect Prayer

In the Beg God HCH 2015The second reprint (2nd edition) is the most recent - In the Beginning God by Homer C. Hoeksema, first published in 1966. This title addresses matters of grave concern to the church in the 1960s - the nature and authority of Scripture especially as these relate to God's record of His creative work in the beginning of time and history - still serious matters of concern to God's people in our day. Below is the RFPA's description of this reissue:

The 1960s were years of challenges to the infallibility and inspiration of scripture. These attacks were precipitated by the increasingly popular theory of evolution, which was making inroads into Reformed churches and schools. In contradiction to this creeping heresy and in unequivocal defense of the doctrine of scripture, the Reformed Free Publishing Association publishedIn the Beginning God.

Since then the conflict between creation and evolution as the explanation of the origin of the world has intensified, and the doctrine of scripture is increasingly compromised, even in historically Reformed churches and schools.

God’s people must be knowledgeable regarding the doctrines of scripture and of creation so that they are able staunchly to defend these truths. To this end the Reformed Free Publishing Association is pleased to republish this explanation and defense of these timeless truths.

Marriage Mystery DJE 2015The third significant title is David J. Engelsma's Marriage, The Mystery of Christ and the Church (3rd ed.). This is what you will find by way of information on this book on the publisher's website:

Although this book’s controversial contention that marriage is an unbreakable bond for life gets the most attention today…the book is a mainly positive explanation and application of the Bible’s teaching about marriage in all of marriage’s aspects…Marriage…is a Reformed pastor’s instruction and exhortation to married couples, especially young married couples, with the purpose that they glorify God in their marriages and enjoy the bliss of this blessed communion of life.

The timeliness of the book is evident simply from the rate of divorce, not alone in North America in the early twenty-first century, but also in Reformed churches throughout the world…

The second section is a history of the church’s doctrine and practice of marriage from Augustine and the early church through Calvin and the Reformation to the contemporary chaos.

With engagement and wedding season here, this would make a fine gift to a young couple preparing to enter the holy covenant of marriage. Find ordering information on this book too at the RFPA's website and the links provided here.

Last modified on 08 April 2015
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