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PRC and Sister-Church News for Sunday, December 4, 2016

For this first Lord's Day in December 2016 we may present the following news items from our PRC congregations, the Philippine mission field, and our sister church in Singapore:


  • Continue to remember in prayer Rev. A. Brummel and Rev. R. Kleyn as they consider their calls to First PRC, Holland MI and to the Philippines (missionary) respectively.
  • The congregation of Southwest PRC plans to call this week Wednesday (Dec.7) from the Council's new trio of Revs. G. Eriks, C. Griess, and R. Kleyn.
  • From Providence PRC bulletin we learn this:

BleyenbergThis Wednesday Rev. Bleyenberg will be leaving for Franklin, PA, at the request of the Domestic Mission Committee and spending five days there exploring a potential mission field. The DMC has other ministers scheduled for upcoming months as well. There is a core group of a few families in Franklin who desire the true preaching of the Word, together with the possibility of other families in the area who might be interested. Rev. Bleyenberg will be visiting with these families as much as possible and preaching for them on Sunday. He'll be returning next Monday, the Lord willing.

 And from our sister church in Singapore (Covenant ERC) we find this special note re their missions in India and the calling of E.Singh to serve as her missionary:

There will be an Extra Congregational Meeting next Sunday, 11 December, immediately after the morning service, for the purpose of voting whether to call Emmanuel Singh as our missionary to India. The agenda, including the proposed budget for Emmanuel’s support, will be distributed to the congregation today. Let us prayerfully consider the important matter before us, trusting that God will send forth men of His choosing to proclaim His Word. The tentative schedule for Emmanuel’s call is as follows:
Sunday, 4 December – Agenda for ECM distributed
Sunday, 11 December – ECM to vote whether to call Emmanuel
Sunday, 1 January – Emmanuel answers CERC’s call on or before this date
Sunday, 8 January – Emmanuel is installed in CERC as our missionary to Kolkata



  • Finally, from the bulletin of Maranatha PRC in Valenzulea City, the Philippines we learn of an upcoming delegation visit from the PRC Contact Commmittee:

A delegation of the Contact Committee of the PRCA will be visiting the Philippines from December 15-27, the Lord willing. The delegation will consist of Prof. R. Dykstra and Rev. G. Eriks. The main purpose of their visit is to continue discussions with our PRCP churches regarding a sister church relationship between the PRCP and the PRCA. Meetings with all the PRCP office bearers have been scheduled for both Saturday, December 17 and Saturday, December 24, to be held in Maranatha PRC at 9:00 am. The delegates will also preach on their two Sundays here according to the following schedule: December 18 -Rev. Eriks preaching in the Berean PRC and Prof. Dykstra in Provident Christian Church. December 25 -Rev. Eriks preaching in the PRC in Bulacan, and Prof. Dykstra in Maranatha PRC.


Last modified on 04 December 2016