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PRC Weekly Congregational and Denominational News - September 3, 2017 *(Updated)

matt 18 11On this September 3, 2017 Day of our risen Lord we note the following news and information from PRC congregations, denominational committees, and mission fields.


  • On August 27 Candidate Justin Smidstra ACCEPTED the call from First PRC of Holland MI, declining the call from Southwest PRC. We thank the Lord for leading this candidate to the sure knowledge of God's will and for giving him a place to begin his ministry in the PRC. Plans are being made for him to be examined at a special meeting of Classis East.
  • On August 27 Candidate Matt DeBoer ACCEPTED the call from Edgerton PRC. We thank the Lord for leading him too and for giving him a place in the churches where he can begin his ministry. Plans are being made for him to be examined at the meeting of Classis West in Hull, IA on Sept.27.
  • On August 27 Rev. E. Guichelaar declined the call from Immanuel PRC (Lacombe, AB). The Council has formed a new trio consisting of Candidates Brian Feenstra, Jonathan Langerak, and Stephan Regnerus. The congregation will vote TODAY following the afternoon service. *Update: Cand. Brian Feenstra has received this call.
  • The Council of Southwest PRC (Wyoming, MI) has formed a new trio from which to call a pastor: Rev. A. Lanning (Covenant ERC, Singapore), and Candidates D. Noorman and Stephan Regnerus. The congregation will vote next Sunday, Sept.10, D.V.
  • On August 13 Candidate Joe Holstege accepted the call to Zion PRC. We praise God for His provision of a place for this candidate and a first pastor for this new congregation. Plans are also being made for him to be examined at a special meeting of Classis East.
  • Rev. T. Miersma (Immanuel PRC, Lacombe) has now officially begun his emeritation as a minister of the Word in the PRC (Sept.1, 2017).
    • His farewell sermon and program were held last Sunday, August 27.
    • Loveland PRC included this appropriate note in its bulletin last week: "Rev. Tom Miersma bids farewell today to the congregation in Lacombe, AB, and lays down the active pastoral labors for emeritation. We thank God for his many years of service, including years as our missionary in Alamosa and Spokane, and pray for God’s continued blessing upon him and his wife Jan as they settle into their new home in Edmonton."
  • From Byron Center PRC's Council:
    • Pastor Spriensma’s farewell sermon is scheduled for September 17 during the morning worship service. His installation as home missionary is scheduled for September 17 during the evening worship service.
    • On August 20 Rev. B. Huizinga (Hope PRC, Redlands, CA) received the call to take the place of Rev. A. Spriensma.
  • Rev. Doug Kuiper (professor-elect at the PRC Seminary) preached his farewell in Edgerton PRC on August 13. He and his family moved to West Michigan that same week and are settling in. He is beginning to participate in the life of the seminary and will soon begin classes at Calvin Theological Seminary for his ThM degree. His installation as professor is set for Wednesday, Sept.20, in Faith PRC, 7 p.m.


ephesians 4 3 2

  • From the PRC Contact Committee comes notice of a special trip to South Korea this week by Rev. W. Langerak and Prof. R. Cammenga:
    • On August 31, Prof. R. Cammenga and Rev. Wm. Langerak will leave, D.V., for S. Korea as representatives of our denomination's Committee for Contact with Other Churches, as authorized by Synod 2017.  They will be following up on contacts with individuals and with churches.  In addition they have been requested to speak at a REFO 500 conference, as well as in three different Reformed seminaries, several churches, and to various groups.  They plan to return on Monday, Sept. 11.  Pray for them and for the Lord's use of this trip to bring us into close contact with Reformed Christians in this country and in that part of the world.
    • If you would like to read some letters about (Prof. R. Cammenga) and see some pictures of this trip (Mr. John Van Baren), visit the PRC bulletin page under "South Korea Letters - Sept. 2017" in the "PR Churches" folder (for registered users only).
  • Visitors from Namibia and South Africa.  From the Contact Committee:  On Tuesday (Sept. 5), DV, three men from a small group of churches in Namibia will be coming to Michigan to visit with the Contact Committee.  A minister from Namibia, Rev. Jacobus LeRoux, and an elder from South Africa, Joseph Oosthuizen, will be staying for about 10 days. They are joined by another elder from Namibia, Michael Duvenhage (accompanied by his wife Tiene and three children). The purpose of the visit is to continue discussions of the similarities and differences between their newly forming group of Reformed churches and our denomination.  This small group of six churches seeks guidance from the PRCA in the early years of separation from their mother denomination.
  • A new PRC Psalter app (Android) has been developed by Hope PRC member Jonathan Vermeer. You will find it in the Google Play store at this link. The app includes lyrics and tunes to all of our Psalter #s and links to the Psalms themselves. Plus, it has a special "night mode" setting for use in the dark (as, for example, for campfire singing).
  • Don't forget to listen to the Reformed Witness Hour each Sunday! Todays' message by radio pastor Rev. C. Haak is True Faith, based on II Timothy 1:12.


Philippines missionaries


  • On July 30 Rev. A. Spriensma ACCEPTED Byron Center PRC's call to serve as home missionary. We thank the Lord for providing us a home missionary once again and we pray for pastor Spriensma and Byron Center PRC as they transition to this new position. His installation as missionary is scheduled for Sept.17 during the evening service.
  • On August 20 Rev. C. Spronk (Faith PRC) declined the call from Doon PRC to serve as a third missionary to the Philippines.


  • From the bulletin of Provident Christian Church in Marikina, the Philippines we find the following notes concerning our missionaries and their labors today and in this coming week:

    • Rev. Kleyn will preach in our first worship service this morning, and Rev. Holstege in the second. Next Sunday, Lord willing, Rev. Holstege will preach both times. Rev. Holstege will teach the Church Order today from 10:15-10:45 am.

    • Rev. Holstege will teach the Canons of Dordt, Head 5, Articles 4-5 this Wednesday night at 7:30. Join us to learn that “the weakness of the flesh cannot prevail against the power of God who confirms and preserves true believers in a state of grace,” and to hear the call to watch and pray lest we be “drawn into great and heinous sins by Satan, the world, and the flesh” and “by the righteous permission of God actually fall into these evils.”

    • Rev. Kleyn will start teaching the catechism class for the children again this Saturday morning, September 9, at 9:00. The children should prepare lesson 12 in the OT History for Juniors.

    • The Youth Fellowship will meet next, Lord willing, on September 24. On September 17 Rev. Holstege will be going to Bulacan after the worship services to participate in Church Visitation.

    Let's remember these busy pastors and missionaries in the Philippines in our prayers daily. May the Lord of the harvest give them grace for all their labors.





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