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Resources for New and Experienced Officebearers

Officebearers 1With many newly elected officebearers being installed at the beginning of the year, these men - as well as all of our members - are hereby made aware of several sources of materials for your profit on the PRC website.

The first is a special officebearer resource section created just for pastors, elders, and deacons. You will find this under the "Resource Library" tab on the home page, under the heading "Officebearer Materials." You are encouraged to check out the varied resources available here - from sermons, to suggested books, to pamphlets and articles - all related to your work in the church.

Another area is that of "Official Documents" (also under the Resource Library section), where you will find the our creeds, the Church Order, the Liturgical Forms, and the Questions of the church visitors. And don't forget that our catechism materials are all available on the website too.

Another important section in the Resource Library is that of "Forms/Certificates" - especially important for clerks and secretaries.

And finally, there is also a special category of sermons preached on the occasion of installation and ordination that will be profitable for listening and learning.

Let's remember to pray for our spiritual leaders as they serve the Lord and us in Christ's church.