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Updates from Pittsburgh PR Fellowship - September 2015

Pittsburgh PRC group 2015Mandy Tolsma is the new "mission reporter" from Pittsburgh, PA. In her own words, "...It is my new job to send out information regarding the Pittsburgh Mission Field. I am going to send out monthly updates on what is going on in our Field and in our community so that we might encourage people to come visit the field!"

Mandy provides the following news update for September 2015 on the Pittsburgh PR Fellowship (also attached in pdf form):

  • We welcomed a new baby in our group. Pete and Megan Cnossen were blessed with a baby boy on September 2. David Alan was welcomed home by his parents and 2 sisters, Nelle and Clara, and his brother, Tyler.
  • We celebrated the Lord’s Supper on September 13. Rev. DenHartog and Elder Ed Reitsma and Deacons Mike Hanko and Jeff DeVries came as a delegation from Southwest PRC. The elders were here to oversee the administering of the Lords Supper and conduct Family Visitation. The Elders and Deacons met with our Steering Committee. This Delegation comes to Pittsburgh twice a year.
  • We welcomed many guests from our other Protestant Reformed Churches this month. They included:
  • Brad and Trisha Bruinsma and family visiting from Grandville PRC and staying for Labor Day weekend.
  • Becca Joostens, Sarah Joostens, and Laura DeVries from Grandville, PRC who stayed the weekend on their way to Washington, DC.
  • Max and Virginia Moore from our Loveland, CO congregation on their way to Virginia to see their daughter.
  • The first weekend in October we welcomed Dan and Anna Mae Bodbyl from Grandville, PRC and Al and Sam VanDyke from Trinity PRC who stayed the weekend before heading to Washington, D.C.
  • Mike and Helen Cnossen from Hudsonville, PRC were here October 4 to witness the baptism of their grandson, David Alan.
  • Steve Kuiper was the delegate from Southwest PRC who came to oversee the sacrament of baptism.
  • We rejoiced with Pete and Megan Cnossen and witnessed the baptism of their new baby boy on October 4.
Last modified on 12 October 2015