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Updates from Pittsburgh PR Fellowship - February 2016

Pittsburgh PR Fellowship Updates for February 2016

  • The Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church brought a group of young people out to explore the Pittsburgh area and visit the church here.  I’m not sure if they understand how uplifting this was for our group!  What fun we had getting to know some of the young people of our churches!  Sunday night we played games in the church basement and ate pizza and ice cream sundaes.

GTPRC visit 1

  • Congratulations to Larissa VanPutten on becoming an aunt for the first time!  We all rejoice with her and are reminded what a special place she has in our church.  She is our book keeper and does such an excellent job!
  • The Neighborhood Outreach Committee met January 10.  We are working on planning our spring lecture.  More details to come next month, Lord willing.
  • We have begun meeting Wed. nights to study the church order in preparation of organizing, the Lord willing, sometime this year.

Our Visitors:

  • All from Georgetown church:
    • Katelyn DeYoung, Abigail Miedema, Josh Penna, Clayton Ritsema, Brianna Boven, Elise Boven, Olivia Miedema, Isaac Start, Caleb Bleyenburg, Timothy Bartelds II, Kelli Bleyenburg, Jamie and Dave Ritsema, Heidi Boven, Lyndsey, Dan, and Cameron Boverhoff.

    GTPRC visit 2

  • Heather, Tori, Ian, Trenton, Anthony, Hunter, and Kurtis Mowery from Providence PRC.
  • Brad and Trisha Bruinsma, Kari, Skyler and Emma, from Grandville PRC.

Church Events for February:

  • Bible Studies continue to meet on Wed.  One in our church, the other in Cranberry PA.
  • Catechism classes meet Thursday at 10:00 am.
  • Spring Lecture is being planned.

Local Events for February:

  • If you need help or advice planning a spring break trip or summer vacation. Please e-mail the pastor or Mandy Tolsma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Area camping:  Keystone State Park is a very nice campground.  They have a lake for swimming or fishing and beautiful woods in which to camp.
  • Ask for the Protestant Reformed Discount at the Comfort Inn on Rodi Road.
  • The Carnegie Science Center is always a big hit for the family.  Located right along the Ohio River.  It is a good place to start and then walk to explore downtown.  Or take the train!  It is free for those traveling downtown or under the Monongahela River.
  • Incoming Juniors/Seniors:  Are you looking for a great Christian College?  Consider Grove City College.  It is about an hour from Pittsburgh.  In the past students have driven down on Sunday morning and stayed the day to travel home on Sunday night.  It is very encouraging to our church to have students take part in our church life.  And just ask Larissa, there may be a job waiting for you right here in Pittsburgh!


Last modified on 02 February 2016