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Building a Godly Family Seminar - Pittsburgh PR Fellowship, May 6-7, 2016


marriage 1This coming weekend, May 6-7 (Friday and Saturday), the PRC church plant in Pittsburgh, PA (PR Fellowship) will be hosting a special seminar on "Building a Godly Family." Pastors W. Bruinsma, C.Haak, and R. Kleyn will be speaking on three subjects relating to this theme - geared to those who are single, to those who seek to be or are married, and to those who plan to have or do have a family.

The subjects are timely and important. All those in the area are welcome to attend. Below is a flyer and advertisement providing some details of the seminar.

Visit the Pittsburgh PR Fellowship website for more information.

The speeches given at this conference are now available on the PRC website. Listen and be edified, whether you are single or married, just beginning a family or have an established family!

flyer for 2016 spring seminar


May 6th and 7th, 2016
Building A Godly Family

Prime Material

Pastor Rodney Kleyn of the Reformed Witness Hour will speak on the life of the single believer in the church. In an age and society of promiscuity where fornication has become acceptable, Pastor Kleyn will remind single saints of the need to remain chaste and pure. Men and women who fear God and keep His commandments make for prime material suited for the construction of a godly home and family. Has the Lord just recently by His grace brought you to faith and repentance? Then rejoice! Your past is forgiven and it is time now to exercise yourself in godliness as a single believer in the church.

Careful Selection

Pastor Carl Haak of the Reformed Witness Hour will speak on how to find and select the right person with whom one can construct a godly marriage and family. Selecting the right man or woman is foundational for a solid home. But, how does a believer find a godly spouse? Where does one look? Obviously, one ought not to be searching in the ungodly places of entertainment where unbelievers frequent. But then where? And, what ought one to look for in that person? How will I know I am compatible with him or her? Pastor Haak will give us sound, biblical answers to these questions and more.

Meticulous Construction

Pastor Bill Bruinsma of the Reformed Witness Hour will speak on the need for a husband and wife to pay careful attention to the details of their home and family. This begins with following carefully what the Word of God teaches about their relationship with one another in marriage. If that lifelong bond of marriage is going to be a happy one both husband and wife will need to be meticulous in constructing their marriage according to Scripture. Likewise, they need to pay close attention to what the Word of God says about having and raising their children. The philosophy of the Scripture is different than that of the unbelieving world in this matter. Learn how.

We pray that these three speeches will give insightful instruction in God’s Word for believers in whatever place they find themselves in the church. Come join us free of charge for a time of fellowship and spiritual refreshment! This will give you an opportunity, as well, to meet the three pastors that speak regularly on the Reformed Witness Hour aired Sunday mornings at 10 AM on WORD FM. Come see the faces behind the voices!

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