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Covenant ERC in Singapore Calls Rev.A.Lanning to be Her Pastor

AndrewLanningThis past Sunday, September 28, 2014 our sister church in Singapore, the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church, voted unanimously to extend a call to Rev.A.Lanning to serve as her own pastor (He being her only candidate.).

For the last two years Rev.Lanning has been serving as minister-on-loan from the PRC to the CERC, with Grandville PRC being the calling church for this special position. But now Covenant ERC wants Rev.Lanning to serve as her own minister, and for this purpose she has now called him.

He has until October 19 to answer this call. May the Lord give him clear knowledge of His will and godly submission to it, for the good of the church of Christ in that place as well as here.

Last modified on 30 September 2014