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E. Singh Sustains Examination in CERC - October 29, 2016

ESingh exam 2016 1

In his "pastoral voice" part of Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church's (Singapore) October 30, 2016 bulletin Rev. A. Lanning reported on the wonderful news relating to the examination and call of Emmanuel Singh from Kolkata, India:

Dearly beloved saints of CERC,

Yesterday, we were privileged to witness firsthand the fulfillment of God’s promise in Jeremiah 3:15 – “And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.” Through the examination of Emmanuel Singh, God has brought CERC very close to having our own missionary in Kolkata. It would be good to record here the actual decisions that Session made after the examination.

Decision 1: The Session approve Emmanuel’s examination. Ground: Emmanuel demonstrated his knowledge of, and commitment to, the Reformed faith as taught in CERC, and demonstrated his commitment to teaching the truth in Kolkata.

Decision 2: That, with the concurrence of the brethren from the Protestant Reformed Churches in America, who assisted in the examination of the brother, Session declares Emmanuel Singh eligible to receive a call from Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore into the ministry of the Word as a Missionary to India. Ground: All of the requirements of Article 9 of the Church Order have been met.

These decisions mean that, although Emmanuel is not yet our pastor or missionary, CERC may now proceed to call him as our missionary to India. In the next few weeks, Session will be meeting to discuss this call, presenting its nomination to the congregation, and calling a congregational meeting. At that congregational meeting, the congregation will vote whether to extend a call to Emmanuel to serve as our missionary to Kolkata. After that call is issued, Emmanuel would then consider whether to accept the call. Continue to pray for our brother and for CERC as we continue to follow the Lord’s will in India.

Today, our joy continues as we witness the Confession of Faith of Emmanuel and Sonali. One of the requirements of calling him to be our missionary is that he must be a communicant member of CERC. We rejoice to receive our brother and sister as members of this congregation, and look forward to partaking the Lord’s Supper with them next week.

 As part of this report, we may add some pictures taken by Daniel Tang of the CERCS and posted by Mrs. S. Lanning on her blog.

ESingh exam 2016 2
Members of the CERC Session examine Emmanuel Singh

ESingh exam 2016 3
Emmanuel S. receives his diploma from Rev. A. Lanning, pastor of the CERC, as Emmanuel's wife Sonali looks on.

ESingh exam 2016 4
Emmanuel S. receives congratulations from Rev. W. Bruinsma and Rev. D. Kleyn, examiners representing the PRCA.

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