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Limerick Reformed Fellowship Newsletter - June 2017


Limerick Reformed Fellowship Newsletter

MMcGeown 2017 2

Rev. Martyn McGeown

38 Abbeyvale, Corbally, Co. Limerick, Ireland

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear saints in the Protestant Reformed Churches,

Yesterday, we had unusual visitors at the evening service—two Mormon missionaries! I recognized them as such by the little “elder” badges on their shirts. Barry Purcell was on his way to worship when he was accosted by the Mormons. He asked them if they had a “spare hour.” When they answered in the affirmative, Barry invited them to our service to, as he put it, “hear the truth.” My sermon was “Buying and Not Selling the Truth” (Prov. 23:23), the family visitation text. True to their word, the Mormons stayed for an hour (Barry forgot, he said, that the service lasts one and half hours), so they stayed for a good part of the sermon. I hope that they heard something that opened their hearts to the truth of God.

I have been preaching from Proverbs of late—not an actual series, just some “gleanings” you might say. One of the members expressed interest in the book so I chose a few texts that struck me as interesting: “Jehovah’s Name: A Strong Tower,” “Death and Life in the Power of the Tongue,” “The Beginning of Knowledge,” “Wisdom’s Cry,” “Jehovah’s Eternal Wisdom,” and the aforementioned family visitation text. Before that, I preached a series of seven sermons on the feasts of Leviticus 23: (“Jehovah’s Holy, Joyous Feasts”) and a series of twenty sermons on “The Miracles of the Great Physician.”

Our Bible studies also continue. The main one on Tuesday is studying Romans where we have reached chapter 12, the applicatory section of the book. With the Mansonas, we are studying Daniel where we are in the apocalyptic section of chapters 7-12. Last week, we looked at the Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9. Catechism is finished for the season—Chester and Dale Mansona have completed Essentials for Reformed Doctrine, while two of my two nieces (Anna and Lily Foster) have completed New Testament History for Beginners. In September, DV, Sebastian Kuhs (who will be six years old in July), will begin catechism for the first time. That will be an exciting day for him and his parents.

We have also continued the “Back to Basics” lectures. The most recent ones were “The Christian’s Hope in Death,” “What Are Good Works?” and “Who Is the Holy Spirit?” We intend to have more such lectures in the coming months, DV. The last lecture in Wales (6 April) was on the Trinity with 11 in attendance. Because the dear lady who opens the Round Chapel forgot about the meeting, we had to arrange an impromptu meeting in a public house, which was an unusual venue for our lecture!

KKuiper Watterson baby 2017

From 22 January to 14 May, Kelsey Kuiper from Zion PRC was with us. She is the fourth person (after Briana Prins [Trinity PRC], Bethany Wagenmaker [OPC in Missouri], and Lisa Ong [CERC in Singapore]) to do the study abroad programme at the University of Limerick (UL), which is an excellent opportunity for young people to spend time in Ireland, to learn a new culture, and, above all, to join with the LRF for worship. (Young people: ask your college/university if they can facilitate such a programme. We will be glad to welcome you into the LRF). When she was here, Kelsey attended our worship services and Bible studies, got to know the people of the LRF, and visited many interesting places in Ireland and Europe. She also brought students from UL to our services. I am sure that she would be excited to talk to you about her experiences and to encourage you to visit.

On 28 April, Jonas Barnabas Watterson was born, adding to the children of the LRF. We now have six young children: Sebastian, Penelope, and Felicity Kuhs, and Jason, Eleanora, and Jonas Watterson. It makes for a lively and happy group! Baptism is scheduled for 18 June, when we expect to have Marco Barone, Paula Kuiper (Southwest PRC), and Briana Prins here.

KKuiper LDeJong 2017

Another important visitor in May was Larisa DeJong (Holland PRC). While she was here (yes, we are dating, although our dating until that point had been via the internet, so it was good to be together), she and I were able to spend a lot of time together, visiting Ireland (Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland), meeting my family, and getting to know the CPRCNI and the LRF. The Lord also gave us beautiful weather, ideal for walks at the Giant’s Causeway, drives in the Wicklow Mountains, and the visiting of castles! The Sunday that Larisa was in Limerick coincided with Kelsey’s last Sunday, so everyone was at my house for food and fellowship after the morning service.

My book, Called to Watch for Christ’s Return, is selling well. A lot of people in Cookstown, where I grew up and where my parents live, have bought the book, many of them through contact with my parents. The feedback that I have received from the RFPA and many of those who have received and read the book has been very encouraging. Thank you!

I will be making my annual visit to the Young People’s Convention in August, DV.

Pray for us, as we do for you,

In Christian love,

Rev. Martyn McGeown


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